A Unique Dining Table to Love....Spending Time Around. So excited to share this amazing home furniture find with you! Click to read the post and learn more about this modern, versatile table that spins with the turn of the glass top.

A Unique Dining Table to Love Spending Time Around

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Let me begin by stating how grateful I am, blessed with a home to live in, a roof over our heads, and steady employment. I never want to take any of these for granted.  Above all, I know that love, people, and the memories created with those people far supersede the possessions we have today and in the future.

In this post, I share tips we learned while in search of a new dining room set. It took us months to find the right one but this particular table is my absolute favourite home furniture find ever!!!

Here’s the story and why this table is dreamy….

Having moved into our current home about 1 ½ years ago, we settled in and soon realized that comfy dining chairs and a versatile table were long overdue. Our intention to buy a dining room table small enough to feel cozy when the two of us dine together, (we are ‘empty nesters’) but which would also serve as a larger table when we have company. Cooking is not my strong suit, and if I am being honest here, I must admit I don’t enjoy cooking most of the time. That’s alright, we all have different talents and I am good with that. OH HOW I DO LOVE TO HOST OTHERS IN OUR HOME.

Tip: Invite people over for dinner. You will be blessed. They might even invite you back. Meals we don’t cook for ourselves always taste divine!

What is better than sharing a meal with good friends? In my books, the food, laughter, conversation, and the fellowship around the table can’t be beaten. Speaking of beat, there is also the music playing softly in the background and a glass of wine to enjoy with dinner while spending time with people you care about.  Serving others and hosting them in our home is a joy and blessing.

Back to our chat about the table. It was a MUST for the new table to expand comfortably to seat a minimum of eight.  There are the two of us, our three daughters, and sometimes their respective partners. We also wanted extra seating room for the guest list to grow; looking ahead to future days filled with many a grandchild.

Tip: Make your own list with your search criteria before heading out the door.

Our Dining Table Criteria:

Perfect Size to fill the space without overcrowding.
Cozy when just 2.
Ability to expand to seat 8-10 people.
Easy to use and care for.
Table leaf which stored in the table.
The MOST comfortable chairs ever.
Six Chairs.
Two colorful accent chairs.

Notice how a style and colour are not on our list above. There are a multitude of available styles and materials on the market: wood, glass, stone, cement, and on and on.  We would have to shop around and look at many options before refining the list.  So off we go on a search for a WOW table that also fills our criteria list. We scoured stores large and small, box stores, local stores, new stores, used stores, online stores, we reviewed for sale ads, and then we looked thru more stores…..

Finding a dining set that appeals to both my husband and myself, well, not an easy task. I dreamed of a modern, sleek table that embodied an airy lightness, while my husband envisioned a traditional dark wood table, with solid square legs and a thick, heavy top.

You know I won him over to my side right?

At one point during our rather long search for the new table and chairs, my hubby was certain we had found the perfect dining set.  In fact, he was ready to make the big buy $$. Looking back, I am extremely happy we took the time to think it over. Returning home to envision the table and chairs in our dining room, and to re-measure the space before making a purchase. The table was a giant and it would have overpowered our dining area. Perhaps even been somewhat intimidating with its huge square chunky legs, rivets, and dark wood. Oh darn, the table and chairs don’t fit our dining room, you can imagine my disappointment right.  Whew, that was a close one.

TIP: When measuring for the right size dining table, be sure to include the floor space required with the chairs occupied/pushed away from the table.

We measured and drew lines on the floor (using painters tape-not a permanent marker) to give us a true picture of the space filled with various dining sets.  It is important to make sure there is enough free space for guests to easily pass behind an occupied chair. Cozy is good, but if someone needs to borrow the little girl’s room it may be inconvenient to ask other guests to move out of the way. Consider future furniture purchases which may include: a buffet, hutch, bench, shelf, decor items and more, take into account the floor space these items require.  A little extra room around the table means serving and cleaning up will go smoother too!  Although not always possible, it is food for thought. Pardon the pun.

We searched high and low, waiting to discover a table that would be eye-catching and modern, while at the same time versatile.

So many chairs were uncomfortable, hard, or too soft, many had zero back support, or odd slopes and many we found were just plain ugly.

The chair search was a total FLOP causing us to halt our search altogether in total disappointment. What was the point of purchasing a dining set if the chairs are horrid to sit in!!

Tip: Please, please, please sit in chairs more than once before you buy them!

Eventually we resumed our search and fortunately discovered a new to us store, Scan Designs. Love!! Love!! Love!! Not only did we find one table in their showroom that interested us, but we seriously considered three tables in the showroom.

Our three top choices:  the Breeze Dining Tablethe Lennox Table, and the Balboa Table.

Leave a comment below to vote for your fave! It’s great fun to learn more about you.

One of these three tables fit the criteria list and caught our eye from the get go….

We cautiously proceeded.  If you know my husband, you know he takes time to warm up to an idea.  After all, this is a home purchase we plan to keep for a long, long time.  We measured and checked and opened and closed…we researched and read reviews. We handed over a credit card and ‘borrowed’ chairs and small samples of the available colour choices to see how they looked at home.

Tip: Take home samples-the colours and designs look very different out of the showroom.

After careful consideration, we purchased the Balboa Dining Table, yahoo!!  The table sells as a stand-alone item meaning it is not paired with specific dining chairs.  This was to our benefit.  With an open concept main floor, we wanted the colour(s) and style of the dining chairs to compliment our living room furniture and the island stools.  We now had the freedom to ensure the chairs would be not only super comfy which was our top priority, we could also mix them up.  Purchasing the table and chairs as separate items is not the most cost saving way to go, there are many deals on dining sets to be found.  However, for this particular area of our home, we wanted both to be unmistakably right.

It has always been important for our family to share meals at the table and remains an important daily routine for my husband and I to eat dinner together while we share about our day. The dining table is also the place we start the weekend with a delicious home-made breakfast.  He cooks and I make the coffee, maybe even some toast. We sit and chat, making plans for the upcoming days we can spend together. The dining room needs to invite us to slow down, linger a while, and relish in each other’s company.

Finally, with the table search over, the table bought we would need chairs.  This proved an easy task now that we had the options available at Scan Designs.  There are oodles of chairs in stock and on the showroom floor for you to try. (This post may sound like an advertisement but I assure you I am not an employee, representative or affiliate with this chain of stores.  This post contains my personal opinion only.)

We found chairs that offered supreme seating comfort, and

               literally ROCK in style.

I am telling you these chairs are awesome! Guests love the little bounce of the Cora Chair, and have described it as ‘kind of like your mama’s rocking chair cozy.’ The guests don’t want to leave the table and it isn’t my cooking that keeps them there!

The Cora Dining Chair.

Comfy Dining Chairs

The ‘Oh My Word’ we got the last two Teal Chairs in stock!

Comfy Teal Dining Chair

Although a bit more traditional in colour, the black Cora Dining Chair has a modern design, a super sleek style, with a brushed chrome base.  Two tall back chairs are perfect seating for each end of the table, an excellent sale price, and the teal colour adds a pop of my fave colour to the room! Happy!! 🙂

The two different styles compliment each other, and our home perfectly.  The chairs have proved extra comfortable for all who use them.  The chairs and table are low maintenance and easy to wipe clean.

The dining set was delivered just before Christmas, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision.
Now for the Coolest, SUPER cool part.
The ingenious, unique design of the Balboa table is how it expands.
The table tops starts out at 63” long expanding to a generous 94” length with a spin of the frosted glass top.


A unique dining table to LOVE

A dining table that expands with the spin of it's top










Did I tell you it was cool or what!! When fully expanded we can easily seat four guests on each side, for a total of 10. Now that is functional!!

Tip: Move the chairs out before expanding the table….extra width required when turning.

The Balboa glass dining table is extremely versatile, modern, sleek, and gorgeous, not to mention it’s a conversation piece in itself!

The table continues as the centre of many gatherings in our home. We look forward to a long history of memories created around it.

I can’t wait to share superb dining decor finds with you in the future!!

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Smiles from Lisagirl xo.

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18 responses to “A Unique Dining Table to Love Spending Time Around

  1. I’m a big fan of all things food and thus having dinner 🙂 Great tips Lisa, many thanks for sharing! (I like the rocking chairs!)

  2. Gathering around the table is one of my favorite ways to get in family time! Loved your tips throughout the post 🙂 expandable tables are definitely handy for guests!

    • Thanks Julia, some of the best conversations we had with our children when they were growing took place at the dinner table.

  3. I love that table, the curves at either end are like no other table design I have seen. I wish I had room in my house for a dining table.

    • The shape is sleek hey 😀. We didn’t always have the room either Amy, just moved into our home a year and a half ago. Loving it so far.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a unique dining table! I love it! And I think you made such a good choice with the real chairs 🙂

  5. I’m digging the chairs, especially. I agree, everything can look and fit great, but if you have to have a face when you’re sitting in the chairs, it’s just not worth it lol

    • Thanks for stopping by Chris, it is so nice to actually want to stay at the table, relaxing and chatting with friends rather than wishing we could leave the table. I want one of these chairs in my office, they are so comfy!

  6. Shandra

    Yes, I like coming to visit you and sitting in those “rocking” chairs! And your cooking is pretty good…of course, everything goes great with wine 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more Kirsti. The line of communication opens up, and bonds are forged with family and friends over a meal at the table.