My Top Natural Skin Care Products Lines

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Wellness means using natural, safe products in our skin care regimen and in our homes.  After exploring and using a variety of natural skin care products I am pleased to share these personal results with you. Although I am not a skincare expert I write this post to inspire women like you to try exceptional natural products that provide exceptional results!!


I stumbled upon the Arbonne product line up while attending a Christmas Open house.  I am super thankful to Angela for the event invite, and for her vast knowledge and assistance while answering many questions with regards to Arbonne products. I know she would love to help you in your health journey too, you can contact her here – Angela at Arbonne.  Arbonne offers an array of skincare, makeup, hair care, and nutritional products developed responsibly and backed with research and science.  The company started in Switzerland in 1975 with a desire to create green and pure products that are safe yet highly effective.  As I continue down a path to overall wellness in my life, it becomes abundantly clear that the everyday products we use on our skin and in our homes play an important role in our overall health.

Arbonne offers a variety of skin care lines including anti-aging, advanced for men, everyday basics, sensitive skin, and multi-tasking formulas.  All the products are formulated with botanical ingredients, and Arbonne is dedicated to providing green products that are cruelty-free.  The company’s core philosophy is: “pure, safe, beneficial.”  Check out their skin care and find the perfect products to suit your needs online at  You can connect with a trained consultant to schedule a personalized visit, she will provide you with excellent advice and perhaps even a trial of the skin care line tailored to you.  I personally have the greatest success and results by implementing a combination of the F9 advanced and FC5 skin care lines.  The balance of the two lines works wonders for my skin, with each product offering a specialized benefit and a giving me a highly effective outcome.  There was a marked decrease in the appearance of fine lines and age spots, as well as an overall healthy glow to my skin after only one week using the F9 line up with the Intelligence Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads & Solution. I am thrilled to announce that the results from these natural products supersede other brands I have used over the years, and do so without the added harmful chemicals!!  The Arbonne products also come with a 45-day money back guarantee here in Canada, you can check the return policy for your country online on the Arbonne Customer Service page. As of December 2017 I am an Arbonne consultant, please email me anytime if you have any questions or would like to place an order!

Natural Skin Care Products I highly recommend!

 I am in LOVE with numerous ARBONNE products;

below are a few of My Top must haves!

  1. I absolutely can not go out without the  FC5 Nurturing Day Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen.  I love the moisture this lotion provides without ever feeling greasy.  It is rich like putting on a base primer, giving me good coverage and a smooth canvas for my makeup application.  It never clogs the pores and feels amazing.  The BEST thing you and I can do for ourselves, and for the health of our skin, is to ensure our daily moisturizer includes a sunscreen.  This product is tops in my books.
  2.  The Intelligence Lip Treatment. Oh my word, it’s to die for. Okay maybe that is a little extreme but I can’t rave enough about this lip treatment.  Dab this on in the morning if you want moisturized,  fuller lips in a flash. This product enhances your natural lip color and adds fullness to even the thinnest of lips. I forget to wear lipstick or lipgloss which is crazy for someone who was a mega lipstick addict!  I have tried numerous lip treatments available on the market and none compare to this one, I am converted to this natural product!!  Use this lip treatment again in the evening to keep your lips smooth and hydrated.  Oh so soft and kissable.
  3. For smooth, youthful skin this product is a gem!  The Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads are a one-step method to resurface the skin while you sleep!! How easy is that?  The package comes with a bottle of solution that you will add to the container of pads before your first use.  Take one pad and wipe over your face in the evening before bed, if the pad is still moist then go ahead and use it on your neck, and the back of your hands to exfoliate and renew these areas too!!  Waste not, want not. The solution contains a retinoid that enhances the skin’s turnover rate to give you brighter skin while reducing fine lines and dark spots.  This really is PURE GENIOUS!
  4. If you have ever been sensitive to mascara, please do give this product a try. The It’s A Long Story Mascara is unbelievable!  Not only does it give me long, very black, and intense lashes but I can wear this mascara all day, every day, without any irritation to my eyes or the surrounding skin.  Prior to finding this mascara, I would rush home from work to remove my mascara, my eyes would be itchy or burning. I was ready to stop wearing mascara altogether, now that’s sad right.  Well, now I forget I am wearing mascara. I have yet to notice any smudges or flakiness while wearing this mascara proving it really is long wearing and effective.

My Top Natural Skin Care Product Lines

Beauty by ZeroXeno

I can’t do justice to the Beauty by ZeroXeno products by writing about them; please check out Bonnie’s story and blog where she shares her vast knowledge and outlines the potential health risks from ingredients in the products we use in our everyday lives. I am proud to say the ZeroXeno products are crafted right in my own backyard, here in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Bonnie Penner is the inspiration and driving force behind this line of products, and like her, I also want to empower you to: seek answers, learn,  make wise decisions, and have a healthier future.

We ALL must become aware of the chemicals in beauty products and household cleaners that ‘act’ like estrogen or alter our natural hormones and wreak havoc on or health. It’s the ingredients you won’t find in these products that will impact your future.  You can find skin care, essential oils, household cleaners, and baby products on the Beauty by ZeroXeno website.

Two ZeroXeno Products to Adore Are….

  1. The Kombucha Facial Cleanser is going to shock you! How a naturally derived product made from citrus & eucalyptus can make your skin feel so good is beyond me. The list of ingredients will floor you, seriously check it out, how on this earth do these ingredients combine together to provide a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one.  I love how Kombucha itself has natural AHA-alpha hydroxy acids which refine my skin and give my face a healthy glow and does it without incorporating any harmful ingredients.
  2. Follow up the Kombucha Facial Cleanser with the Kombucha Facial Moisturizer made with Ylang and Lemongrass.  This moisturizer smells so good I could eat it.  You actually could! All the ZeroXeno products are made with organic and food grade ingredients. I suppose that doesn’t mean they taste delicious, so let’s pass on ingesting them.  I find this moisturizer a bit heavier for my skin type but it works perfectly for me as a night cream.  With the regular evening application of this moisturizer, my skin has less fine lines, reduced pore size, and a noticeable lightening in the color of age spots. Again this is just my own personal findings and you may prefer to use this moisturizer morning and night.

At first, learning about the health risks posed by our everyday products can be overwhelming and even scary.  I am ever thankful for people like Bonnie who continue to do the research for us, and are willing to answer any questions we might have.  You can contact Bonnie here.

My Top Natural Skin Care Product Lines

 It seems I could go on and on about natural products I have come to love, and that’s a good thing!   I would so love to share more with you, be sure to sign up and join the LDL gang.

Smiles from Lisagirl.

I was not an affiliate or representative for the companies and products in this post at the time it was published. I am happy to report that I joined the Arbonne team in October 2017l!

This post contains my personal opinion and is not intended to provide or replace professional skin care advice.

My Top Natural Skin Care Products

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11 responses to “My Top Natural Skin Care Products Lines

  1. Lacee

    I haven’t tried Arbonne products before. I have sensitive skin so I always have to be careful about trying new products. Thanks for sharing these products!

    • Hi Lacee, I totally understand. With three daughters and myself we all have different skin care needs. I notice that Arbonne does have a skin care line for sensitive skin, with the great guarantee and perhaps a trial run it could prove worth a try! Good,luck!

  2. I have been wondering how Arbonne products are. I don’t know anyone who uses it so I have been wondering how effective their products are! This was a very helpful post!

    • Hi Tracy, happy this post was informative for you. There are seriously so many Arbonne products I love I could have written pages and pages! I have shared more of my faves with subscribers, would love to have you join us!

  3. Many people don’t realize that our skin is our largest organ. Whatever we put on the skin gets absorbed so it is vital that we choose what we put on carefully. I appreciate this post on the natural skin care products and thank you for introducing me to Arbonne and ZeroXeno because I never heard of either.

    • Hi Geneva, so true! You should be able to have either Arbonne or ZeroXeno shipped to you, be sure to check out their websites.

  4. Whoa, I havent heard of any of these products. I will definitely have to check them out. I tend to use the same products, Dr. Bronner’s, shea butter, coconut oil, etc. And I really need to change things because I think my skin is getting used to it. Very helpful

    • Hi Patrice, pleased as punch to be spreading the word about these great products. I did a follow-up email as a bonus to my subscribers which outlined additional awesome natural products and how they work!