Re-Style House Front Door with Lavendar Basket

Spring is a Great Time to Re-Style & Move to Renew!

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Re-style with home decor items we already have to transform and create a fresh space.

Today I am sharing a few thoughts, ideas along with before and after pictures of my spring move-to-renew and re-style!

This spring my home re-fresh did not involve moving furniture.  Although my friends would be the first to tell you that I like to keep them guessing by moving our furniture on a regular basis!

If your budget doesn’t have the $$$ at this time to invest in new home decorating items, no worries!!  You do not have to purchase additional home decor for a great spring re-style.


  • Take out items from winter storage.
  • Store items that don’t fit your spring re-style.
  • Relocate other decor items.
  • Move furniture.
  • Spring cleaning. Fresh!
  • Add an accent color.

Add a POP of any color in your home with a few items (new or old) to transform with a fresh look.  A great tool to check out new decor color schemes is the Coolor generator. Especially nifty as you are able to upload one of your own photos and generate colors to coordinate with your decor style!! I will share photos of my spring POP color in a later post. Take care to ensure that the added color compliments your other decor.

Love, love, love the Coolor App🙂 Makes me smile and I could easily sit and play with color schemes all day long!!!!!!!

Best get a move on…or I might be here clicking on the space bar to generate colors all day.

Create a newfangled, sparkling bright home by grouping different items together, using them in another space or moving them to a different room altogether. Take into consideration the items you that will be left on display.

Take a peek at the black shelf pictured below.  Notice the scrapbook albums.  The scrapbooks are displayed in the before and after picture but have been re-arranged into colors and sizes.  Take a peek at the pictures again and notice the three glass cylinders.  They are located on the top left side of the black shelf in the before picture. Moved into a cubby on the right top cubby in the after picture. The addition of flame-less tealights placed behind the cylinders give the glass a sparkle and reveals the gorgeous turquoise and blue colors.

I am loving how the Re-Style has turned out thus far!

Basket Shelf Before ReStyle
Before: Ugh, not good!
Basket Shelf after Re-Style
After: White and Turquoise Pop of color. Mirror with wood frame to complement the shelf.



Home Decor
After: The Sign on a stand in the corner of the dining area.




Make Your Own Sign!





Black Shelf with Blue Glass Decor before Spring refresh
Before: Blue, blue, blue.
Black Shelf with Mellow Beach Decor after Spring Re-Style
After: Mellow beach decor.




Shelf from Ikea .





I hope you agree the changes are fresh and inviting. Apologies as I work on my photography skills.

The re-style was certainly a big push to organize and start the spring cleaning too!

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Smiles from Lisagirl


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