Spring POP of Color

Spring Re-Style Part 2 Let the Colour POP

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Spring is here, and the rain has come a pouring down here today, yet the recent POP of color added to the living room brightens my day. Sweet.  It’s a perfect time for you to POP color too!  Check out my Spring Re-Style Part 1  post which illustrates how to create a freshness in your home utilizing decorating items you own. Then come back and read more tips towards a renewed room.

Now let’s get to my POP colour for this spring!

Turquoise,  aqua, and seafoam are currently my go-to colors when decorating the main floor of our home.  The green makes these colors earthy, while the blue gives them a restful quality. Various shades easily work together to create a peaceful home environment, from beachy to bright. This Spring is a great time to spice it up, and I am going to show you how to add an accent color without blowing the budget.  If you are not sure which color will complement your current color scheme, no worries. Check out many of the online tools available. Here is a free Color Wheel Calculator to try! 

5 Tier Ladder Shelf

Ladder Shelf Before Spring Re-Style

Whatever your fave color, add a few pieces of glass decor to brighten the shelf.

Keep it homey with a few of your favorite books or a special photo.

Greenery and free standing signs are a welcome touch.

Spring means color, the flowers bloom, the trees blossom, the grass turns green, what better time to renew, refresh and remove the layer of winter dust and gloomies in our home!!

Following my own advice, I packed away the main floor home decorating items in a storage bin (or two or three bins), dusted and washed the shelves, tables, and furniture.  All an easier task with the clean slate.

After a few days of spring organizing, donating, and cleaning I took a much needed break.  Then it was time to re-style with the bins full of decor items.  Sorting thru the bins it became very obvious these lovely items need a good dust and wipe before finding their new homes. And friends think my house is clean….Dust, it can not be beaten :(.

Ladder Shelf Spring Re-Style

A minimalist approach, the display has fewer items on the shelves to create a clean look and fresh style. 

Add pink flowers in a white vase-Spring, remove the turquoise glass (still love-just found a new spot), and use flameless candles to brighten the space.

Leave the re-style for a few days to a week, mull it over before making further updates.

What happened during the week you ask?

Well, my perspective changed in regards to the re-style of this shelf! The complete removal of home decor items enables you to view them in an entirely new way.  In my case, PINK must have called my name before, and I just wasn’t listening. There had been a few pink decor items sprinkled here and there throughout our home. When I reviewed the remaining unpacked decor items from their storage containers, it was apparent that when used together the pink would be a total re-style of the ladder shelf.  Giving PINK a stronger presence in our living room.

PINK was screaming ‘BRING IT ON’!!

Spring Re-Style, POP of colour

Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!

Take this approach when decorating, and into your life, remember you can do anything!

It might take a few tries and you might change your mind, just breathe and go with it!

The most important tidbit I have for you today is DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU.  My color and style may not be what suits your home or personality. Add a color that makes you smile and says ‘Home Sweet Home.’

If you are inspired to re-style your home with a few new decorating items in your personal color wheelhouse, below are links to items similar to the ones shown on my shelf.

  1. Large Glass Vase
  2. Colour Changing LED Candle
  3. Illuminaries Glass Globe
  4. Star Luminated Bottle
  5. Mixed Glass Stones
  6. Design Flowers
  7. Glass Votive Holder
  8. Wooden ‘Family’ Sign
  9. Frosted Lantern


I would love to connect with you.  Let me know what your spring POP color will be in a comment below or email me any questions and comments anytime.  Stay awesome and happy!!

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Smiles from Lisagirl

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4 responses to “Spring Re-Style Part 2 Let the Colour POP

  1. Love, love the color groupings. Great decoration ideas.

    “Spring means colour, the flowers bloom, the trees blossom, the grass turns green, what better time to renew, refresh and remove the layer of winter dust and gloomies in our home!!” My favorite line

    • Hi Yayra, glad you liked the colours and enjoyed the post. Would love to connect with you further, at the bottom of each post you can sign up to receive each new post first via email! See you soon, Smiles from Lisagirl.

    • Hi Gina, thank you for popping by. At times I lean toward muted, serene colors as well!! Celebrating spring colors in our wardrobe is great too!!