Relax at the Beach. Take Time 4 You, Self Care Matters. Wherever your special place is. Make it your own, create a sanctuary where you are and know that you are special and loved. Download your self-care checklist with 15 tips to take care of yourself today

Relax at the Beach

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Do you relax at the beach? Is there anything on earth more relaxing than sitting on a beach, staring out at the water, hearing the waves crash in an unending rhythm?

Not to me. As a matter of fact, I wrote this post while sitting on the beach, in complete solitude, not another soul in sight.  The song of the waves reminds me that we are all one, one people, on one planet, connected by one water. I am amazed. I feel totally blessed to have this time and place to just ‘BE.’ Today, I am sharing how I arrived at this place, why it is special to me, and why you need to create a special place of your own!

Let’s begin seven years ago when my dad called me up to say that a retired couple in their RV park had put their fifth up for sale and planned to retire in Mexico.  The fifth wheel trailer is located on a leased spot in a campground at Nicola Lake. My parents camped there, and the park is only 20-25 minutes from their home in Merritt. I took down the details about the trailer to pass along to my husband, but honestly, we were not in the market for a travel trailer.  At the time we three teenage daughters attending middle and high school who all planned on attending university, so purchasing a fifth wheel just wasn’t on our radar.  However, my husband is thrifty and very good at budgeting. I wouldn’t say he is cheap but he does LOVE A GOOD DEAL

We live in a fast paced, hectic world where chronic stressors are part of daily life, get rid of habitual stress and learn to relax again.

My hubby, let’s call him J, immediately began an online search for similar fifth wheels for sale.  He printed out the floor plan, he researched the pros and cons, he redid our entire budget for the rest of the year to ensure we could swing the extra bill. He read reviews, he texted back and forth with the owner, he checked out similar models for sale on RV lots locally, and after he was satisfied with the information he had gathered, we took a little trip to go view the actual trailer. Did I mention he is thorough? When all was said and done, we bought the fifth wheel with all that was in it and on the site for half the price of anything like it that J could find for sale in Canada or the United States. The leased spot was also paid up for the year, so we could leave the trailer there, a good thing as we don’t own a truck!  My hubby J did strike up a good bargain, I must admit.

The trailer came fully furnished with dishes, pots and pans, a crockpot and even a mini ironing board/iron.  The sweet couple who sold the trailer to us lived in it for a few years so it had all the comforts of home.  The day the couple left to DRIVE to Mazatlan and start their life in tropical paradise, they left with only their clothes, bedding, and a few other mementos that could fit in their mid-size car. They even left behind an antique chair which has since made its way to our home.

Relax at the Beach. Take Time 4 You, Self Care Matters. Wherever your special place is. Make it your own, create a sanctuary where you are and know that you are special and loved. Download your self-care checklist with 15 tips to take care of yourself today

The country is so peaceful, and the sky is so blue. We can see a million stars at night, and the air is so fresh and clean. The place at the lake has been and a huge blessing to us. We have enjoyed spending many weekends at the campground with my parents. As well, the trailer is our little ‘hotel’ room, just 40 minutes away from Jim’s family, and 20 minutes from my parents home. This has been especially helpful over the past two years, both my mother and father-in-law were diagnosed with terminal cancer and the location of the campground allowed us to visit and spend time with both of our families on a weekend, but still, have a place to sleep and call our own.

We live in a fast paced, hectic world where chronic stressors are part of daily life, get rid of habitual stress and learn to relax again.

This little home away from home became a place to have some downtime and space to process, which in turn enables us to be better equipped to navigate thru our parent’s battle with cancer. Sadly, my father in law and mother have both passed away, after a short battle with cancer.  But truly, we were able to visit and see then more than would have otherwise been possible if we didn’t have the trailer. We are very grateful for that. We spent many weekends at the trailer so that we coud head into town to see my folks, lend them a hand, cook them a meal, and we brought mom out to get some fresh air when she felt up to it.

We live in a fast paced, hectic world where chronic stressors are part of daily life, get rid of habitual stress and learn to relax again.

At the campground, we met and became friends with people we would not have otherwise met, and we have found a place where we totally relax and unwind. It’s not a five-star resort, (even though we did take the plunge and purchase a roomier fifth wheel last summer), the beach is rocky, the campground is far from fancy, but it’s our place. The campground is basic, but we love that the campsites are large, private, and the park is quiet. All the lots are leased with no openings for overnighters, we don’t have party animals showing up on the weekends (except me), and we all leave our belonging outside with no concern that anything will be missing upon our return.

‘No worries, be happy!’ Are you singing along? 

That song makes me smile and dance :).

On any given weekend you might find the regular gang sitting around the campfire, listening to tunes, having great conversation and a glass of wine (or two), just chillin’ together.  Do you have a getaway place? A picnic spot or beach you hang out at, do you have a place you long to return to?

The thing is, the minute we start driving to the lake, I can’t wait to get there. I am like a little kid asking every few minutes, “Are we there yet?” My smile gets bigger, my tight and sore muscles relax, and my soul sails. Do you intentionally make time to unwind and just ‘BE?’ At the lake, there are no constant demands, no distractions, and zero pressures. It’s a place where I can unwind, spend time alone, or spend a few days with my best friend. There is nothing like time spent with a girlfriend sharing the ups and downs of life, there is always much laughter and sometimes a few tears but we are connecting and that is wonderful for my soul.

Life at the lake means life slows down and you really enjoy every moment,  remembering that each day is a gift. For me, I connect with nature and spend time in prayer and contemplation. I write in my gratitude journal, I read and escape, I color and even dance! We all live in this fast-paced world with chronic stressors and for many, stress has even become a habit, the norm.

I realize that not everyone’s place or method to relax is the same, for we are all unique and we all have different lives.  But I do know that with the hectic pace of daily life in today’s society, the multitasking, the high-pressure jobs, the increased demands of getting by when wages but the cost of living sky rockets, and the constant bing of social media on phones, everyone needs a ‘quiet’ place to call their own. If you are the mother of young children, I get it, we raised three girls, and heading to the beach alone was rare. However, the days with the children when we packed up a picnic and headed to the beach were special, and the memories are indeed lifelong. Enjoy them, just remember to take a few minutes of solitude to nurture yourself too.

You don’t need an RV park, you can make a sanctuary in a corner of your bedroom, or even the bathroom by taking a long, hot bath.  Your place does not have to cost a lot of money or impress anyone. Just make it your place, your special space. Tell your spouse and children ( if the kids are old enough to understand) that for to be the best wife and mom possible, you need time to unwind, relax, regroup, whatever it is you need. Take a breather, calm down, put your feet up, and let go. You can make a special sign and post it when you are taking some ‘ME’ time or just grab the one I made for you here >> Mommy’s Gone To The Beach.

You are important, and valued!  Your family, your community, and the world needs you. We are all one.  We need a whole and healthy you.

So please take care of yourself by taking back some time to rejuvenate and refresh at your beach, whatever and wherever that works for you!

Take back ‘Time 4 you,’ relax, nurture your soul, foster serenity, and live fully! Click the link or image below to grab your self-care checklist and take care of you today.

 Time 4 You

Relax at the Beach. Take Time 4 You, Self Care Matters. Wherever your special place is. Make it your own, create a sanctuary where you are and know that you are special and loved. Download your self-care checklist with 15 tips to take care of yourself today 


Update: After my mom passed away, my dad sold their trailer.  A year later we sold our RV to a lady whose house had burned down and she needed a place to live.  Happy she got a new home but I sure miss hanging out at the lake.  My husband and I are exploring different areas of our beautiful province and searching for our next weekend getaway home!

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127 responses to “Relax at the Beach

  1. Every now and then, we need the moment of “aloneness” to relax. There’s no beach close to me but there are lots of mountains. When you climb one, you see a lovely view. The moment is beautiful and tranquil.

  2. I have a similar spot that I just don’t get to visit quite enough–it’s our little lake in Ontario. Technically the cottage belongs to my uncle, passed down from his grandfather, but I’ve been visiting every summer since I was six years old. It’s the perfect place to relax, lie on the dock, and immerse yourself in a good book. I’d love to buy my own cottage so that I could go up for the entire summer…maybe someday (retirement goals).

  3. Great post Lisa.. Reading your post itself made me feel relaxed. It is also a reminder to enjoy small things and be grateful for the many blessings. Past two weeks has been a little crazy and I really needed this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The beach is so relaxing. I can’t argue with you there. What a cool thing to have too. That trailer is something my husband would love. He’s always an an RV to just go on. I can’t imagine it being anything but peaceful 🙂

  5. Not everyone is fortunate to have a second home away from home. But even renting a cottage or beach house once in a while is so worth it. Living somewhere else in a new or at least different environment once in a while relieves so much stress. Especially if you’re using the rental space to unwind for a bit.

  6. Lisa such a great post. I understand your love for the lake and how it becomes your unwind time. It really is a shame that most people everyday live dedicate that they are in a constant state of combustion that we have to have getaways to remind ourselves of how life should be everyday. I am so glad you were afforded time at the lake to spend with your parents before their passing, that is what makes the location truly special, the memories that were made in that space.

  7. Just reading this post left me more relaxed than I was when I started. There is definitely something about being around a lake with no obligations that just melts away the stress.

  8. lovely post, and i feel you. There is this white coast village in my country where i spent my summers as a kid with my family and is the exact place i go to whenever i feel a bit stressed from the city and work.


  9. Excellent post! I’m headed to the Pacific coast next on a solo vacation for some rejuvenating beach time myself and I’m super excited. The combination of the salt and sound of the waves just calm my soul.

  10. gail

    For me, it is going for a walk, even just in the neighborhood. Getting outside and taking that deep relaxing breath is the best!

  11. Although I don’t have a beach near, I do have a bay and some lakes. The lakes are usually full of people so they are not exactly relaxing. So my favorite place to recharge energies is my own room, I light some candles or incense sticks and write about my goals, I read a book or do some art. That’s my way to enjoy a quiet time for myself. Great post, Lisa! 🙂

  12. Sometimes I enjoy being alone by the sea, but other times I prefer more crowded places…anyway, the nature always calms me down and I would love to have a house somewhere far away from the city…

  13. Oh man, Lisa, that sounds so great! It’s been a while since I was last at the beach. 2 months to be exact, but it feels like forever! I’m due for another R&R at the beach, I just love it! I was born and raised in the city and the country life is just so appealing to me. I also love the water so the beach is the perfect place for me to relax. We usually go to the beach for overnight stays only but I can’t wait to get a laptop so I can stay at the beach longer. (Because my work is online anyway)

  14. I used to live in a coastal town where one of the many beautiful spots was a quiet place on a cliff top overlooking the sea with views of fields and rugged coastline – that was my favorite since it was so quiet and calming. These days I have small children so I enjoy relaxing at the park while they place. Soak up the sun, breathe and be calm.

  15. Lifewithzg

    My daughter and I loves the beach and its our happy place. Here in the Philippines we have too many beautiful beaches. I hopw you can make it on your list to visit PH too 😊 Our beaches wont disappoint you.

  16. I love the beach. I used to not like swimming on salt water but now I love it. It’s calming and I now don’t mind the sand, it used to drive me nuts.

  17. My husband introduced me to the beach when we first met. Now, especially with the kids we make it a point to go as often as we can. Though it’s a little difficult where we live on the east coast because the nearest beach in Delaware is 3 hours from us. I do find it comforting to sit and quietly listen to the waves.

    • Three hours is quite a distance. Our campground is 2 1/2 hours away but we do have beaches close by and in all directions from our home so we are lucky. Now if only we had a longer summer so we could spend more time at them!

  18. My boyfriend and I are seriously considering buying an RV! We live in Colorado so we’re just a few hours away from some really beautiful places! I love to go for hikes or just hang out on the patio when I need some me time.

  19. I can feel that way both in the NC mountains and the beach. I favor the beach, and I crave it often, but I feel a similar calm and peace when I get to experience the cool, mountain air! I love it and it is so relaxing.

  20. I love to go to beach and just relax, do nothing. It’s so refreshing to be able to do that once in a while especially with how busy we are in our lives!


  21. What a blessing the trailer ended up being for you! I think it’s very easy to overlook this important component to self care. It’s worth spending the time and money.

    • Thank you, Jennifer, little did I know how much I would need this special place over the past few weeks. What an immense blessing to have our little home away from home, waiting for us.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Jenna. It’s lovely to hear that you enjoyed this post. This week has been super busy for me, and I find that it is necessary to remind myself to slow down and take a deep breath!

    • Hi Kylie,
      Our favorite vacations are those we spend in a tropical location at the beach, spending time at the ocean and enjoying that warm water is such a treat. Here, the water is ice cold most of the year, even at our lake!

  22. I have a love hate relationship with the beach. Ha ha. I love being near the water and just relaxing under an umbrella. But the last time I was out there I got a sunburn so bad I couldn’t walk. lol.

  23. What an amazing story! It is super important to take care of yourself – so thank you for your inspirational words. I too feel at home when at the beach, it is super relaxing and I always feel free xx

  24. Such a beautiful message and story! I continually feel like I need to re-learn to relax, but I always find the sound of water calming (even storms). I could absolutely use some beach relaxation time now!

  25. Oh Lisa, what a wonderful story. I am so happy you have a place like this. Just yesterday I bought an antique chair that is in bad need of refinishing. I bought it off the Facebook Marketplace and I plan on refinishing it and putting it in my room as “Mom’s chair” for reading or watching TV. So often if I sit in the family room I get bombarded with questions or the kids are noisy (or the hubby wants to watch the Brown’s Football 🙁 ) I need a place to retreat to. It’s not the beach, or a lake, but it will be mine. Enjoy your time with your Mom. Give her hugs from me:)

  26. I have a lovely spot that isn’t the beach but it gives me the same vibes. It’s a peaceful wonderful place I love to go. That’s amazing you were able to work the trailer into your budget and that it was perfect timing for life events.

  27. Love the article, I currently can’t afford to have a relaxing spot because I have a 3 month old who recently discovered he holds a huge piece of my heart, lol. But the quiet moments I get, I spend it in the bathroom; I run the shower and just get relief hearing the water hit the floor. It helps clear my mind all the time. Then to relax my body, I get into the shower for a hot bath.

  28. I love self-care trips or even just a day getaway. I love sitting on the beach and closing my eyes, focusing on the waves, and simply relaxing. It’s one of the only times like I feel there’s not a care in the world.

  29. This sounds wonderful! I am terrible about self care and really need to find that special place to unwind. I am so sorry to hear about all the cancer in your life. It is such a terrible disease and can really take a toll on the entire family. My sister was just diagnosed at 37 with breast cancer and I am still trying to get my head around it.

  30. I lived a big chunk of my life in the city and now I am lucky enough to be able to combine the city living with a proximity to the beach (less than a mile) and it is the best!

  31. I’d give anything at this point for a beach. Living in Phoenix, AZ with a heat wave right now thru the end of the week really sucks. If I was at the beach right now i’d probably never leave. Soak my feet in the water then sit on the sand and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Sounds like a road trip now haha. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  32. I can so relate to this on so many fronts! I lived in the southern outer banks for three almost four years before moving to upstate New York and while I love it here – I also miss it down there. And your message of taking time to be and for self care was also so needed. I have my own design business from home and it’s been crazy! I rarely leave and I work a ton and feel often feel immense guilt if I do anything else but work or errands or clean. Ha! I’ll definitely work on it and thanks for the encouragement. It was needed this morning!

    • Lauren, thanks for stopping by today. It is especially important when working from home, to take a step back, incorporate breaks into your day to stretch or go for a quick walk. Do take a look at the checklist as it may offer some other much-needed self-care tips you may find helpful.

  33. Wonderful post with lots of great tips. A healthy lifestyle is very important especially for people like me who sits in front of a computer for the most part of the day. This post put in a mind to think about myself and how I can feel much better. Thank you!

  34. sadhna

    wow Lisa the description of the time spent is enviable. Stuck in the plains far from the sea, just reading your post was relaxing!

  35. I love visiting the beach or hiking places! I just came back from Los Angeles, and the best memories I have are hiking in Malibu and the Hollywood sign.

  36. What a beautiful post Lisa! I used to have such a high stress job and rarely had time for self-care until my health suffers or I would. I decided to make a big career change to focus more on family and my self. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Joei, I am so glad to hear that you made the change to focus on your family and self. I am sure it wasn’t easy but it is so worth it!

  37. I always enjoy tips for relaxation and mindfulness! This is a great reminder for someone like me, who rarely (rarely!) ever slows down.

    • Glad to hear that, Jenny, be sure to grab the Time 4 You checklist and pop me an email anytime. I would love to connect and love to hear what you find relaxing too!

  38. We had an RV for awhile and loved it! We dream of the day we will own one again – retirement will be knocking at our door before we know it! We loved the sense of community in the parks and the solitude in our rig – our home away from home.

  39. I love this! Self-care is so important. You’re right it can be incorporated in a variety of ways into our busy lives.
    I loved hearing about your trailer, it sounds so relaxing, I would love to have a trailer one day for our family.

    • Hi Courtney, thanks for stopping by the blog today. It is very important to make self-care a priority. Don’t forget to download your free sign and grab your self-care checklist.

  40. This sounds absolutely amazing!! We all need to learn to just be. I’m working on it, but by the lakeside always helps to do just that. Had to laugh about your husband being thorough. lol

  41. Elizabeth O

    We all have different ways to relax. For me, I really love travels. Traveling fills my soul. I love how you share your thoughts with us.

  42. We’ve several wonderful beaches in our country. Tourists are always coming and go because of a good ambiance, their serenity. In our local place, we’ve a favorite beach to visit every New Year as Family outing tradition.

  43. This is the dream! Truly, my husband and I dream of having a camper on a lake. I feel most at home on the water, and your description of lake life makes me feel like this could be reality for us someday too!

  44. Ebrian Fox

    Hi Liza. Glad I have stumbled your blog. This kind of content is what I need in these stressful days. It’s been a while since I go to beach just to reflect and focus. Will try to go there later at sunset.

  45. adriana

    I love this! Going to the beach is seriously so relaxing and the best experience, no matter where you are!

  46. What an awesome post! I’m at a cottage right now and I totally took your advice and spent most of my day on the beach!! Fabulous!!!!

  47. Great read. It’s so important to invest in experiences and things that will add value to you and your family. I’m glad that you have been able to create some awesome memories together.

    • Hi Yulianna, it’s nice to hear that you enjoyed reading this. It isn’t always easy to share a part of myself but I really felt called to write and share this post.

  48. Relaxation is so important! It can be so good for the mind and soul, and then when you come back you can be so productive. We’re taking a trip to the Dominican Republic in November to visit the beach and I can’t wait!

    • How excellent Lauren, that is going to be such a great vacation for you. Lots of beach time, listen to the waves and remember we are all connected!

  49. Great read Lisa and reminder that we all need somewhere to get away and relax! I love a lake retreat too, or anywhere with pretty walks and fresh air

  50. What a cool thing for you guys to be able to do! I would love to have an RV or something like it that we could take to relaxing places 🙂 And it sounds like the couple you got yours from is probably having the time of their lives! I’m still looking for a place I can always go to get away from things and take care of myself, but I hope to find it soon! Thanks for the inspirational post!

  51. My dream has always been to eventually live somewhere near the water, but there a lots of tips here I can take away for my own life out in the midwest 🙂

  52. This is such a beautiful read, Lisa! It really hit me as I have been crazy busy lately and have not taken the time that I need to slow down and just “BE.” Also a great reminder to cherish our time with family and friends and to be grateful for all of our many blessings. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

    • Thank you, Heather. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. I make ‘BE’ magnets for friends and family members, and I have one on my filing cabinet and dryer, a visual reminder to slow down. Seems we all need this reminder now and again.

  53. I don’t have a beach nearby but I live on a giant trail system. I love to go for walks and thinks about things. I’ve also added meditation into my morning routine. short but good way to start the day.

    • Heading out for a walk on the trail is also in my lake routine. There is a lovely walk around the campground that we do all the time!