Fave Finds For Your Home. It has been a super crazy, busy but awesome month so I was a bit late with this month's post about my Fave products for your home but I hope you enjoy them just the same. Click to find out what they are!

May Top Three Fave Finds for Your Home!

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May has been a super crazy, busy but awesome month. It does mean that this month’s post about my Fave products for your home are late to hit the blog but I hope you enjoy them just the same.

#1 Fave Find for Your Home – The Three Second Corkscrew.

Summer is here, or at least the sunshine has arrived, and we have been out and about enjoying the beautiful Okanagan. A day touring wineries from Kelowna to Oliver was super fun and of course, as we were with the bestest of friends that made the day even better. If you live in the area or you visit the Okanagan, be sure to check out and support the local wineries.  Don’t have a designated driver, no problem, there are numerous wine tours you can take, just leave the driving to the professionals and enjoy the wine and the beautiful scenery.  Needless to say, a few wineries later we had added some great wines to our collection. The abundance of amazing wineries in the Okanagan is one of the great reasons to live or visit here.

Anyone who is inflicted with arthritis in their hands and finger joints knows that the old-fashioned poke and twist and pry and pray type of corkscrew just doesn’t cut it. If you are tired of fighting to open that tasty bottle of wine then you will love the Three Second Corkscrew.  This is also a handy item if you are very thirsty…and in a hurry to fill your glass. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

We bought our Three Second Corkscrew at Canadian Tire on sale for $9.99. The regular price is about $42 so it is definitely worth it to wait for a sale. This corkscrew can also be found on Amazon, you can purchase it HERE. The corkscrew comes with an extra screw post and a bonus foil cutter.  We have had this corkscrew for a few years and although it is used regularly we have not yet had to use the extra post, it is still sharp as ever.  The lever action of this corkscrew is simple to use, there is no twisting or turning involved, and it always centers perfect and never leaves any bits of cork in your bottle.  It makes serving a nice glass of wine to your guests a breeze.

Fave Finds For Your Home. It has been a super crazy, busy but awesome month so I was a bit late with this month's post about my Fave products for your home but I hope you enjoy them just the same. Click to find out what they are!#2 Fave Find for Your Home- A Fruit and Tea Infuser Pitcher

Had enough wine or perhaps you don’t even drink wine, well that’s okay because I have you covered with this next item.  After a weekend at a local spa getaway where infused water was the norm, I found myself drinking a lot more water and loving it.  I knew that an infuser pitcher was something we would use and enjoy in our home. The BOZ Dual Fruit Infuser and Tea Steeper is indeed a wonderful addition to any home and kitchen.

This nifty pitcher allows you to make healthy, and delicious fruit infused water or refreshing naturally steeped iced tea. The pitcher comes with a fruit and a stainless steel tea infuser that are easily interchangeable. The shape of the jug is perfect for our counter depth fridge, its sleek design with flat edges ensure this jug fits in the door or on the shelf.  The 2.2L capacity means you have plenty of your infused beverage on hand for yourself and guests.  The yummy beverages you make and serve with this infuser pitcher will make you the hostess with the MOSTESS!

The recipes are endless, take your favorite fruit, chop into small pieces, add the fruit to the infuser which you then insert into the lid and that’s it.  Wait a few hours and voila, your tasty drink is ready. We love refreshing lemon & lime infused water and our second favorite is cucumber water. Infused water is a healthy alternative to sweetened drinks and juices, with the added benefits of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber from the fruit! This product even comes with a handy dandy e-book with oodles of recipe ideas for you to try.

Fave Finds For Your Home. It has been a super crazy, busy but awesome month so I was a bit late with this month's post about my Fave products for your home but I hope you enjoy them just the same. Click to find out what they are!

May Fave Finds for Your Home

May Fave Finds for Your Home

# 3 Fave Find for Your Home – Best Lateral File Cabinet

This item is a larger purchase but wow does it make organizing your home office files a breeze. Having purchased a lower priced file cabinet in the past we found the quality to be far below what we needed for our busy home office.  Many issues came up with inexpensive file cabinets we purchased in the past including drawer glides that were sloppy making it difficult to open and close, drawer guides that fell right off and hanging bars that didn’t stay put when we inserted or removed files. Frustrated with these issues we went in search of a quality file cabinet that didn’t break the bank. This is one item where the price truly is indicative of the durability of the product.  The Steelwise Lateral File cabinet has exceeded our expectations on every aspect.

May Fave Finds for Your Home

Fave Finds For Your Home. It has been a super crazy, busy but awesome month so I was a bit late with this month's post about my Fave products for your home but I hope you enjoy them just the same. Click to find out what they are!

The heavy duty construction survives constant use in our home with no one the wiser, meaning it looks and functions like new with zero quality issues.  Except, maybe we look wiser, as the interior storage space has allowed us to organize our files in legal size folders with plenty of room to expand instead of having multiple file units or files on the desk and floor.  The lateral style is beneficial for small offices as it can fit right under your desk.

The white finish and sleek front with a hidden pull handle fit our office decor to a ‘T.’  The ability to use the file cabinet as a lateral storage unit means it takes up less space in our home office but stores a lot more files. We have been using ours for five months and adding many file folders but still have not completely filled the top drawer. Currently, we store gift cards, paper, and other office items in the bottom drawer. The cabinet has a built in tip proof mechanism which allows only one drawer to be open at a time.  It is best to not overfill the bottom drawer with heavy items as a file cabinet is designed to hold files and not really meant to store all your other office supplies. A few lighter items is fine though.

The Steelwise Lateral File cabinet is available in your choice of white, black, beige and gray, making it a perfect fit for your home office whatever your decor style is.

The large top surface could double as a spot for your printer, and office supplies but me, well, I love to decorate it! The “Be” magnets on the front are gifts I like to create and give away. The print in the white frame is one of the freebies for participants in our Create Space Challenge. Be sure to check back to find out when we launch the challenge again,  subscribe to our newsletter now to be in the KNOW! In case you missed it, you can read our other posts with our fave products to organize your home here and here.

Until next time, take care and keep smiling!

Smiles from Lisagirl

May Fave Finds for Your Home

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37 responses to “May Top Three Fave Finds for Your Home!

  1. THAT INFUSER NEEDS TO FIND IT’S WAY INTO MY KITCHEN!!!!!!!! I hate water, but infused water – YES PLEASE!!! <3 With a little stevia too!

    • HI Lisa, isn’t it great. It’s a light box, I can change the quote anytime! I picked it up at Walmart and plan to add it to a fave find post in the future because I adore it so much 💜 .

  2. That corkscrew is FANTASTIC! We have it, and we LOVE it! That being said, I did manage to bust the entire top of the bottle off one time, when pulling the cork out. No idea what happened. And let me say, I was devastated! Glass in my Chardonnay! But, before you all mourn that loss with me, my brother came to the rescue. He suggested I pour the wine through a coffee filter. Viola! Glass free Chardonnay! (Do not get between a girl and her Chardonnay!)

  3. Love the corkscrew, saves so much hassle and is quite cool to have for dinner parties. I also have to get my hands on that water jug its a great motivator to drink more since it can be infused. Lovely

    • Hi Ciara, thanks for stopping by today. The corkscrew is dreamy, making it so much easier to serve wine effortlessly. We definitely find that having the fruit infused water on hand has increased our water intake!

  4. These are great! I’m going to have to try the pitcher, I LOVE infused water! Thanks for the post, I just love your site. ❤️

  5. Lisa,
    I’ve been wondering about an infuser for water as I love drinking mine with cucumber or lemon in it. I really should get one.
    The corkscrew bottle opener is one of the best inventions ever. I got one for my husband as a birthday present a few years ago and he loves it.

  6. You have such a lovely blog here! I definitely need one of those tea infusers, especially as the warmer months come in, I love to make cold teas. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Lisa!
    Love it! I couldn’t agree more. We once moved into a new place with nothing but a couple of suitcases, a pizza and a bottle of wine. We forgot the corkscrew though. From that day on corkscrews have been deeply important to me.

  8. Sue

    I am all about saving time, loving cool gadgets that make life easier, and conveniently finding ways to stay healthy! So I love and have the wine opener. And you just reminded me that I need to put the Infuser Pitcher on my shopping list! It will be great to have it always in the fridge with different teas, fruits, herbs,etc.. it is a great way for me and the kids to always have a cool drink on hand and much healthier than them reaching for other sugar loaded drinks ~ or me a diet coke!

    • Hi Sue, thanks for checking out my post today. You will love the infused water, nothing comes close to this in promoting a healthy drink alternative for the kids and they will love the taste! check out the one in my post, shipping is free and you get the hot and cold option all in one along with a great little recipe book with super ideas!

  9. Hi Lisa!
    You know how much I love your posts! Thanks for sharing the fruit infuser pitcher. I have a bottle, but never thought of getting a pitcher to make a bigger batch.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for The Blogger Recognition Award. I know you work very hard on your posts and you are always reaching out to other bloggers, helping everyone out with any issues (including myself), even if it is a small one. We all appreciate your work.

    Check out my post http://www.onesharpmama.com/2017/06/08/blogger-recognition-award/ to see the award!
    Thanks again for all you do and CONGRATS!

  10. I love that pitcher! I like to brew fruity teas and chill them in the fridge with some lemons and berries, but I always have to strain it while pouring. This is a great way to get around that! Love it!

    Lilac & Style