Welcome to Lisa Designs Life

Welcome to Lisa Designs Life!!

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I am so glad you are here. Welcome! 

Let’s begin way, way back….

As a youngster you would find me doodling on anything I could get my hands on; scraps of paper, a notebook, and even on the underside of my parent’s coffee table. Perhaps the coffee table doodling wasn’t the best display of my artwork!!  In my teen years, I wrote poems and fictional short stories. In senior high Art Class, an amazing teacher inspired me to draw and paint. I began to draw colorful people, places, and things in sketch pads, school textbooks (oops), and in the weekly church bulletins. The immense range of colors in our world fascinates me to this day as I explore new products while coloring painting, decorating, and scrapbooking.

A recent Paint Night adventure with one of my bestest sister-chicks reactivated an inner passion for creative outlets. Engaging in the design of inspirational quotes, painting monogrammed fridge magnets and establishing this blog are a few of my new-found loves.  The inspirational signs soon began to gather dust stacked on the bookshelf, with my first inclination to hide them away. After sharing a few photos via text with close friends and receiving positive feedback I decided to display the artwork in my home.  Now some of my handcrafted signs, along with other inspirational quotes are in white photo gallery frames hanging on a newly installed click rail gallery system in our home office.  The gallery track was easy to install (according to my hubby!) and it is super easy and convenient to swap out any of the items without making new holes in the wall. The quotes and colors encourage me on a daily basis.  I love this gallery track so much I wrote a post about it! You can read it HERE.

I love to decorate my home to achieve a freshness, a calm, and a sense of welcome and peace and I want to help you do the same!

I love to organize everything and anything, just ask anyone who knows me! Let’s get organized together!

I love yoga as it creates a balance and self-awareness in all of us.  There is nothing better than taking a few minutes to stop and simply be.

These creative desires are the inspiration behind my blog.  I will endeavor to share ideas, home decor tips, along with wellness methods to create harmony and  SIMPLIFY your home and life.

I invite you to come along and Breathe, just breathe….some peace, space, and tranquility into your home and life. In the crazy and often hectic pace of our daily lives I know we can create space and fully embrace all that life has to offer, let’s do it together!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog post. I would love to connect with you, please leave a comment below or drop me an email anytime.

Smiles from Lisagirl



Here’s Your Pin!

Welcome to Lisa Designs Life. Click to read my first blog post ever and find out why I started blogging! Smiles from Lisa

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  1. I love doing Yoga! I find it so relaxing and it just takes so much stress away. Also I find that when you are more organised you aren’t as stressed are you. Lovely post!


    sophiaaxo.wordpress.com <3