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Give It Away-Make Room in Your Life

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Can you Give It Away?

Whether you own a home for one or thirty years, there are items in the closets and cupboards to give away. Many go unworn or unused. A few belongings have sentimental value. For instance, photo albums of family and friends is a definite must keep.  The clothing we hang onto with the hope it will fit again one day. Maybe it will, but will we wear it again in our lifetime??  Well, not so sure we need to keep. Other things simply put on a back shelf as we think “one day I will find a good use for this.”  Likely not a keeper! If you are like me, the majority of these back shelf dwellers will not see the light of day again.

Don’t get me wrong, there are possessions worth keeping as heirlooms, or for our memory trunk, but let’s not kid ourselves…why are we keeping so much stuff?

I mean really!

During the recent spring refresh in our home, (featured in an upcoming post) I was shocked to discover how much ‘bleep I had to donate.  Regularly donating to charity I did not expect to find a substantial amount to give away during this spring refresh.

After organizing and sorting, I was appalled to realize the tight grip I kept on oodles of quality home items.  Items which were not being used and simply collecting dust.

Loading the car to realize it was now stuffed with stuff.  Every floor surface, seat, and the trunk were filled to the roof with items to donate. Not even an inch of space left for my purse. Ironic when you consider the struggle it is for me to let go of any purses!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the car filled to the hilt. Oh, what a sight it was!

Here are a couple of photos of a portion of handbags sorted and given away.

Give it away, donate and create space in your lfe
Two of the Clear Storage Bins


Give away and feel the love
Give It Away







Oh, the blues are my favorites!

My daughters can attest to my long-standing addiction to purses. Sheepishly I admit to having more than enough and oh how I wanted to keep all the lovely colors, and styles.  However, upon asking myself ” has this been used recently or will it be used again soon or ever?”  The honest answer was no. It was time to let go.

This week’s challenge: sort thru one closet or cupboard and honestly assess why you are holding onto the ‘stuff.’

Can you give it away?

Are the objects needed, useful, or part of an important memory?

Will the items when given away become appreciated and useful to others?

Take your donations to a local non-profit thrift store such as The Salvation Army or The MCC Thrift Shop

Trust me – whether give away one item, or a car full, your heart and home will lighten when you do and you will, in turn, be blessed for giving.

Remember to breathe, just breathe. Giving much love out means much love in!

Please share a success or challenge about ‘giving’ in the comment section below.

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Smiles from Lisagirl

Post photo by Haute Chocolate

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9 responses to “Give It Away-Make Room in Your Life

  1. We’re planning a yard sale and then the rest is going to be donated! But, you’re absolutely right…we hang onto things we really don’t need.

  2. A yard sale is great Julie! Good luck with it. Happy to hear you plan on donating what doesn’t sell :). Less stuff=less stress!

    • So true Melanie, if you love the idea of creating space, check out Create Space Challenge starting soon! Hope to see you there 🙂