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March Fave Products to Help You Organize!!

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Hello and thanks for joining me today! Let’s Get Organized Together!!

As the weather warms up and the snow melts away, change is evident all around me.  The flowers are peaking through the soil, the birds are making lovely music outside my office window, and the days are growing longer.  All reasons to smile.  Spring is a great time to organize in the house before the summer weather arrives and the outdoors calls us to play!


The first March Fab Product to Help Us Organize is a basic staple, but a MUST for all homes.

Storage Bins.

Access Storage Tote

Storage Bin with Clear Front - Get Organized

Clear Storage Bins


Fave Products to Organize Your Home

Deep Clip Box

Clear storage bins keep everything organized


Storage bins come in sizes, colours, materials, and options galore.  The variety and the low to high price range make them an affordable, ideal, storage solution for a multitude of items. Easy peasy right?  Except, if you are like me, these lovely bins may turn into a graveyard for things never to be seen again 🙁 . Honesty is the best policy, and it holds true for me too. Part of my spring clean up was to sort thru, organize, and label storage bins in our home.

I could write an unending list of practical ways to use storage bins, instead I have included a short list with a few of my fave storage bin ideas for you below. As you wonderful, amazing folks likely have one or two storage bins in your home already I will TRY to keep this short and sweet. Take a quick moment and ask yourself,

“Do I use these bins as a permanent hide-a-way for clutter?”

Often we tend to use the storage bins as a catch-all for ‘too much stuff’, as in, we have no idea what to do with “insert your own item” so we pop it in a tote.  If your collection of  ‘I don’t know what to do with this’ totes, or bins is greater than two, it is time to organize your storage bins!

Label two bins only for this specific purpose, use a title something like ‘To Organize Later’. One storage bin for indoors household items and one bin for outdoors.  Do not have more than two ‘To Organize Later’ bins.  It will lead to a backlog of more stuff with no ‘home’ and no time to sort it. By ‘home’ in this instance I am referring to an item having a place it belongs in our home, so we know where to find it easily and quickly. At the end of the month – and yes – mark it on your calendar, quickly go thru these two bins and sort by placing the items in their appropriate ‘home’.

Bins with a clear front panel or totally clear are the absolute bestest!!  And yes, I know that isn’t proper English, I still love saying it “bestest, bestest, bestest.”  One of the main perks to the clear front is that even before we get around to labelling the bin,  it is easy to see whats inside and add or take out what we need. Take a peak at my list below and be inspired to organize!

What I organize in bins and why.

Photos to Scrapbook-safe and sound.

Photo Albums-preserve and protect.

PursesShown in this Post!

HatsHats-His and Hers.

Home DecorSee why here.

Seasonal decorations-eliminate dust build up.

Medicine-easy to find when it’s all in the same place.

First Aid Kit-home, boat, RV, and car-better safe than sorry.

Sewing Kit-rarely gets used.

Craft supplies-love clear bins to see all the colours.

Children’s Art Supplies-keep liquids contained.

Tools-so they don’t end up in hubby’s car.

Automotive Products-blocks the nasty smell.

Seasonal Sports Equipment-same as above.

Send me an email or comment below to share your most awesome storage bin idea!


The second March Fab Product to Help Us Organize is for the Shower.

Organize all those shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, razors, face and body scrubs, soaps, and much more with this superior find! Plenty of storage for all your families needs.

I have purchased and tried many brands of shower caddies, only to be disappointed.

Past shower caddy shortfalls include:

  • rust
  • difficult to keep clean
  • unstable, tippy
  • fixed shelves
  • unable to support larger products (1L shampoo bottles)
  • unreliable mounting over the shower head
  • wall suction cups that release causing the basket and all products to crash to the floor
  • not enough storage space
  • unadjustable
  • no specific sections to secure smaller shower items.

Until I found

 The Artika Monsoon II Shower Caddy (Gotta love Costco) !

The ultimate product to organize your shower


I highly recommend this superb product which provides outstanding storage solutions for all your shower products.  The Artika Monsoon II Shower Caddy is suitable for any size shower or tub.  The height is easily adjusted to fit your enclosed or floor to ceiling shower/tub space.  I was able to put it together easily without the use of any tools.

When I first installed the shower caddy, I adjusted it for a floor to ceiling height and placed it in the front left corner our shower.  About a week later, my hubby informed me that the new shower caddy was invading his personal space.  OKAY, no worries, simply remove your products, adjust the height, and relocated the shower caddy to the opposite side of the shower.  The height easily adjusts by turning the top and/or bottom of the pole.   There are also clips on the front-located below each basket which when released, enable the baskets to move up and down on the pole to suit your needs.  Our shower caddy now rests on a small ledge in our shower with the top pole extending to the ceiling.  The caddy was simple to move, and is tension mounted.  There are no marks or telltale signs that it was ever in the other corner of our shower. The  rubber cap at the top of the pole did not damage the ceiling texture at all.

Most of us swap out our shampoo and other body products regularly. With this shower caddy, no problemo!  The height of the basket shelves are a snap to adjust at any time making this a great, long-term investment.  The shower caddy is made of quality stainless steel with a rust proof finish. The soap tray and two polycarbonate cups are removable for cleaning. The three deep, adjustable baskets secure small and large bottles with ease.  Two small arms extend to the sides for your facecloth or pouf ball, and there is a handy-dandy fog free mirror for shaving. The bonus cups are perfect for razors, or a scrub brush and a feature I have not found on other shower caddies in the past.


Fave Product to Organize your shower


Reasons to love this shower caddy;

  • rust proof
  • easy to spray and rinse clean
  • stable
  • adjustable shelves and baskets
  • fits large and small products
  • plenty of storage for a family
  • designed with specific storage solutions
  • easy to put together
  • easy to adjust and move
  • budget friendly
  • looks like a million bucks
  • keeps shower/bath organized

Organize Your Shower









Smiles from Lisagirl


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  1. I love storage bins and have different colors for different purposes. I label them with my label maker so I know what’s inside at a glance. It saves so much time and energy.