Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive

7 Self-Love Practices You Can Start Today

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Do you wear multiple hats and try to multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks?  This post with seven easy self-love practices you can start today will help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it.  Your life is a balancing act and includes roles like raising children, managing a home, budgeting, working, and caregiving.  All the more reason to be intentional about caring for yourself!

The desire to be a loving, nurturing wife, mother, friend, sister, co-worker, boss, along with the other parts of life that are beyond your control can weigh you down and become overwhelming if you do not take care of yourself.  Granted, there will be days that allow for more lengthy and extensive times of self-care. Perhaps an hour at a spa or a hike in the mountains, but you must incorporate moments of self-care into your daily routine now.  Please do not wait, put yourself first for a couple minutes right now.  There are plenty of scientific and evidential based research studies showing that what we think and do about and for ourselves will affect our self-image, self-worth, and self-love. Think positive, love yourself, and be the best you there is!

7 quick self-love practices you can easily start today.  One way to love yourself each day of the week!

Are you a busy woman faced with numerous demands on your time and energy? Here are seven self-love practices for every day to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your self-worth, and self-love because you are worth it.

Day 1

Write “I am beautiful, inside and out!” on a post-it note and place it on your mirror where you will see it at the start and end of every day. This is a simple, yet powerful reminder to help you think positively about yourself. Here are some cute sticky notes that are perfect for this reminder, even their shape says you are a SUPERSTAR!

Super Star Sticky Notes

Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive

Day 2

Share something you love about yourself with your husband or a close friend.  The act of affirming your good qualities out loud will, in turn, increase the positive thoughts you have about yourself, which will, in turn, increase the time you reflect on positive qualities about yourself, which will, in turn, increase your positive thoughts which….I think you are getting the hang of this!

Try giving yourself a Pep Talk today using one of the catchy affirmations from the book ‘Think Happy’ to boost your confidence, attitude and mood.  These pep talks from happiness expert and Oprah columnist Karen Salmonsohn are feisty, fun and memorable, guaranteed to stick in your brain like a catchy song

Think Happy: Instant Pep Talks

Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitiveDay 3

Write down three things you are thankful for. Practicing gratitude will improve your attitude about yourself and your life. Start your own gratitude journal or keep a gratitude jar. I began my own gratitude journal five years ago after reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.

1000 Gifts

Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive

If you have not read this book, I encourage you to order it from Amazon by clicking on the image above, or borrow the book from a friend who has already read it.  This book has changed my life 1000 times over. I guarantee you that the daily habit of being grateful will truly change your outlook on life and how you view the world around you.


Write down your reasons for gratitude in this beautiful  ‘Simply Grateful’ journal.   Discover all the things you appreciate with this guided gratitude journal.  With a mix of questions to answer, prompts to respond to, and quotations to reflect on, each page offers you a chance to appreciate every wonderful thing you have in your life.

Looking for a beautiful new journal? Click on the image below for more information.

Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive

Day 4

Incorporate a 15-minute ‘time-out’ into your day. Use the time to reflect, meditate, journal, play your favourite music, pray, or simply listen to your breath and do nothing else at all. This is a ‘no technology’ time zone so please leave your phone alone!  Grab your free printable “Mommy’s Gone to the Beach” to post outside the room so everyone knows mom is taking a break and when you will be back.


Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post and grab your free "Mommy's Gone To The Beach" printable. Lisa xo . #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive

Day 5

Write a list of three values/standards you hold in high regard in your life and state why. Reflecting on the things you hold most important will keep you centred and grounded all week long.

Day 6

Do a minimum of 3 stretches daily. Begin and end your day with three easy stretches to relieve overall stress in your life and increase your positivity.  Start with three beginner stretches in my previous post, Stretch for Your Body, Mind and Soul.

Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive


Day 7

Give yourself a big, squishy hug. I can hear you laughing out loud but I am serious. Wrap your arms around yourself and say “I love you just the way you are.” Love is powerful, you NEED to love yourself first in order to love others well.

Do you wear multiple hats and multi-task to finish all your multi-tasks? Click to read this post with seven easy self-love practices to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your personal happiness, because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive

Incorporate one of these seven quick practices into your daily routine as you develop the habit of self-love, you are worth it and a heck of a lot more. Or try a different one each day this week and let me know how it goes. Email me anytime at [email protected], I will read and reply to your email personally.

Smiles from Lisa xo

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Wearing multiple hats and multi-tasking to finish all your multi-tasks? Busy women like you need to take care of yourself. Here are seven self-love practices for every day to help you build a positive self-image, and increase your self-worth because you are worth it. #self-care #self-love #postitivity #simplifyyourlife #postitive


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111 responses to “7 Self-Love Practices You Can Start Today

  1. Love these! Especially the hugging yourself one! I did laugh out loud a little, to be honest! I think these are definitely doable and life-change-able! Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  2. These are lovely and important tips must needed for self care and self love. We often forget to appreciate our own body and self. Expressing gratitude towards what we have matters alot to me as per self care regime.

  3. I am so on board with all 7 of these! My favorite part is how DOABLE and easy they are. I’ve always wanted to be better at each area listed but I make them much bigger than you did. I need to keep in simple. “3 stretches every morning” is way more achievable than a 30 minute stretch routine. I’m gonna do my 3 stretches right now!

  4. I really liked how simple and easy these self-care practices are! It’s tough to overcome years of not loving yourself, so small actions are a great way to start. Thanks so much for this great post.

  5. Love these tips!! It’s so important to remember self-care, especially at busy times. I like to keep a gratitude journal and do yoga. Love the post it note idea, I’m going to do this now. I also like to use quick meditations throughout the day to give me a boost. Thanks for sharing

  6. I love this, and have put One Thousand Gifts on my reading list. These are all just simple ideas, but they’re so effective. Thanks for the reminder to love yourself so that you can love others.

  7. Lol, chuckled at “multitask to finish multitasking” story of my life all day everyday. Totally agree with giving yourself the pep talk and positive affirmations. Lovely post, thanks for sharing

  8. These are some great ideas! I definitely think I need to start giving myself a 15-minute “time-out.” Some time to be still throughout the day would probably do me some good. Thanks, Candice

  9. Kitty Katie

    I have been struggling with my depression and self love lately. I love that this article breaks down the steps into days, it feels much more manageable and easy to follow along. I will definitely be trying this out.

  10. Brianna

    It is important to practice self love & care. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re beautiful.

  11. I really enjoy reading your blog post Lisa. This is a good one especially for self-love/ self-care. It is one thing that we women neglect on doing sometimes because we are so busy taking care of everyone else. Thanks for reminding us to always take the time out of our day for some self-care/love

  12. What a fabulous list of simple yet effective ways to practice self-care. I recently decided to get serious about my health and fitness and the daily stretching is so important!

  13. Maninder Kaur

    I love all these tips! My favorite are #1 and #4. These are such simple things but can be so impactful if practiced daily.

  14. This is such a great read. It’s so easy to forget to do little things like that for ourselves. I for one don’t dedicate much time to self love (and I should)! These ideas are so simple yet effective! I will try to incorporate them in my life! Thank you for sharing:)

  15. Jubilee

    #3 has been huge for me! It’s actually on my daily to do list to name three things I’m thankful for ❤️

  16. I definitely need to get back to writing and reading affirmations! It brings me peace and tranquility. I love the idea of writing notes and practicing gratitude. Yoga definitely relaxes me after a long week .

  17. gail

    I love the idea of the 3 items of gratitude. I’ve started and stopped this a million times 🙁 Time to get consistent!

  18. Okay I absolutely LOVE all of these tips. Self-care doesn’t have to be a big extravagant spa day. These self-care tips are simple, mostly free, and super effective. Love it!

  19. Thank you for sharing! I appreciate that the suggestions in this post are simple and afforadable! So many people think self-care has to be expensive (massages, spas, vacations, beauty products) but the best things in life are free.

  20. liza

    Shared this to some of my mom friends and sister. Self-love is so important, specially to us moms.

  21. Angela Hoyos

    Thank you for sharing this! Self-love and self-care are two things we neglect and take for granted. There was a time in my life where I was too hard on myself and really neglected to celebrate my successes my good qualities and me as a woman and human being. I do need these little reminders to learn how to appreciate me.

  22. I love this concept! I think I want to incorporate the “super star” one with my girls – I think I even have some star shaped paper hanging around in my craft bin.

  23. I am all for self-love. Doesn’t mean you’re selfish, but how can you love someone if you don’t love yourself first, right? I love this list. It’s so simple and doable. Pinned!

  24. Loving yourself and treating yourself with your loving care are wonderful presents others too. We should never forget that “No one is you and this your super power!” May we all use our super powers wisely ♡

  25. These are great tips! I like the first one especially because I am a sticky note fanatic. Also, the 15 timeout is another wonderful technique. Sometimes it helps to get your mind from thinking about anything, and just unwind. I find this a useful way to calm down after I have had a long and stressful day.

  26. This is great advice! I love the part where you mentioned affirming good qualities out loud! Also, I love the set-up of the page. It’s really easy to operate.

  27. Awww, Lisa. These are great practices. Who better to love on than yourself? As a mom and business owner, I spend so much time loving on my kiddos and clients, I often feel empty at the end of the day. I can see myself using several of these tips to feel better.

  28. Beautiful post. I love that all the practices are simple and explained so nicely. To the point and effective! I am really going to put these into practice!! Thank you so much!

    • Thanks for stopping by Brook. Glad you liked the post and the tips! I can’t wait to meet you! So exciting that we live in the same city and even so close to each other.

  29. Great list! I do #4 every day and my family started doing something similar to #3 this year… Each Friday, we write something we are grateful for, something awesome that happened to each of us during the week, or something that makes us happy onto a post it note. We place our notes into a jar that is to be opened on New Year’s Eve. We will then take turns pulling the notes out of the jar and reading them aloud as a means to encourage each other and to reflect on all the good that happened throughout the year. I see it as another form of self love; not reflecting on the negative things from the past year – only the positive.

  30. That was a beautiful list of ideas for self love. It’s so easy to forget about our own needs and when we feel great, we love everyone around us more fully and freely!

  31. Thank you so much for this post. It is exactly what I needed to read right now. Such a busy life that I often forget about myself. I love your gratitude point. Whenever I’m feeling down I write down what I am great for for and it instantly lifts my mood so I can take on the day! Thanks again for all your self love tips! ❤️

  32. Lucy

    This is such an a nice and easy step by step guide that would be simple to incorporate into your daily routine. Self care is something we always put last and I know its the last thing I think of! You’ve reminded us that it doesn’t have to difficult or take up too much time. Great tips!

  33. It is so so important to know what to be thankful for and it took me so long to realize that. I have started taking a moment out of each day to realize what I am thankful for every single day.

  34. Lambam

    There is nothing as important as practicing self love ! No one can love you if you don’t love yourself . I am someone that love self development and I must say you have tackled so much in this post . I love the face that you wrote about gratitude 🙏. I have a gratitude journal that I use on daily basis first thing after my morning prayers . It has really helped me so much but to be happy .

  35. Thank you for some great ideas because this is something I need to work on. I appreciate the book recommendations as well. I’m always looking for my next book!

  36. I love all of these practices, especially the time out. I find stealing that extra few minutes for myself, in peace and quiet, really helps me readjust when I need it. I have to start being more mindful and practising self love, definitely, so I appreciate finding these ideas.

  37. Your “Day 1” suggestion reminds me of a note a friend of mine gave me when I was going through a tough time. She drew a flower on a big paper and wrote: “You are beautiful and strong” on it. I placed that on my side table for that week to look at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received and by the end of that week, there was nothing left of the bad mood! ♥️

  38. Susannah

    It’s so true- we have so much daily pressure husbands and children just don’t understand! I’ve found my daily affirmations to really help 🙂

  39. I love these! Self love is so important. I love that so many woman are trying to work on this! I’m doing a self caries series soon to help with self love.

  40. I think I need that book. I love all your ideas but this one really intrigues me. And as far as the sign goes my friend the other day said she just tells people when she is chilling in her room that she is off duty! LOL.

  41. These are great points. I find that I’m hard on myself and others at times. I desire perfection and in the process, I lose the practice of grace. Being thankful and showing gratitude are great ways to reframe my perspective. Thanks for the reminders!

  42. Great ideas for self-care! I love that they are so practical and can easily be put into practice. Looking forward to trying to incorporate some of these into my days. Thank you!

  43. Thanks for the post. I’m working 40+hours a week and have to find time to blog about things I’m passionate about. Self love is important. I will keep that in mind.

  44. Doreen

    Oh I enjoyed reading this post! I will incorporate all these practices in my life. Thank you for sharing this Lisa!

  45. Lisa, thank you for all these simple tips to start off the new year. Self love is so important and it’s those little things that carry us throughout the day.

  46. Besides the positive self affirmations, I feel like the lists of things your are thankful for really puts things inter perspective. Even when you thing that life is not always perfect, it lets you know that the things in your life are – such as your have healthy children or spouse, you have a roof over your head or you are able to follow your dreams.

  47. These are great suggestions, and so easy for anyone to implement into their life. I recently started meditating every day, and have been amazed at how much it changes my mood and outlook for the whole day. I wish I hadn’t been so skeptical before!

  48. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me! One of my goals this month is to focus on self love. I can’t wait to look into these further.

  49. Thank you for this post. It hits a hard note for me as I struggle with this topic so much. I find it so easy to give others love but so hard to give myself love. I’m so hard on myself and I know it doesn’t help and it’s actually an aim for this year to be kinder to myself so this really did hit home.

  50. Thanks Lisa – Great 7 care tips – Loved the stretches – always agree with an “Attitude of Gatitude” and time out is so important with
    a busy schedule !

  51. Oddly enough, I know that #2 would be the hardest part for me. It’s so sad because it hurts my heart so much when I see other people feeling this way but I feel completely ashamed whenever I say something good about myself to someone else. I don’t know why or where it comes from, but it’s a habit I know I need to break for my own happiness and health. Why should anyone feel ashamed of loving something, or even everything, about themselves?
    Great post, you really gave me a lot to think about!

  52. These are all great, Lisa! I make it a habit to wake up at 5am each morning to workout or meditate to get my mind right for a busy work day ahead. Before I leave the house I write down what I’m grateful for and place it in my grateful jar.

  53. You are so great to have posted this, I needed a reminder from someone about self-love. We are so busy we forget how to make things simple.

  54. I absolutely love this post and I can relate so much to it. Over the past year i myself have found that writing things I’m grateful for everyday and praying helps a lot in praticing self love and reducing stress. I also do stretches and yoga as well as focusing my energy into positive things and pulling myself away from negative people. I loved reading this ! 💜

    • Yoga and stretches are part of my daily routine as well. Started a new yoga series by Adrienne, it’s called TRUE, you must check it out. Happy you enjoyed the post Laura!

  55. I love this post because there is some really fresh and fun new ideas to practice self-love. I can’t pick a favorite between writing down gratitude, stretching everyday and of course giving yourself a big hug. I’m also blessed with a fantastic partner to share with everyday!

  56. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for this wonderful post! 🙂 This is the perfect way to start the year. I hope you are doing these things for yourself, too.
    This post has inspired me to finally create a gratitude jar. I have been meaning to do this for years. (If I have a bad day, I think I will look at the things I am grateful for.)
    The positive affirmation post-its are a great idea and extremely adorable! I sometimes stick positive affirmation post its on my husband’s mirror after he has gone to sleep, so he is surprised in the morning. (You have motivated me to do this for myself.)
    I wish you happiness, health, and peace this year!

  57. I love how these ideas are simple and don’t take up much time. It would be easy to slip them into my day. Plus, having something actionable to do each day for a week makes it that much more likely that being “good” to myself will become a habit. I really like Day 3’s suggestion for starting a gratitude jar or journal. I’ve been trying to work on practicing daily gratitude as a way to stay positive as I come to terms with my chronic illness. This would be a great way to foster that practice.

    • Hi Nicole, thank you for stopping by to read my post. I also have chronic illness and wrote a post about it. You might want to check that one out, it has been encouraging to many others faced with a lifelong illness.