I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist

4 Key Areas Vital to Self-Care in Heart-Centered Women

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Thanks for visiting today for part three in the series “What It Means To Lead a Heart-Centered Life.”  I am glad you are here, I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman.

Believe in yourself and your journey. You are perfect just the way you are. Lisa xo

Not sure what it means to live a heart-centred life?  Please read the two posts before reading further.  Start here #1 >> What Does it Mean to Live a Heart-Centered Life and #2 >> 3 Ways to Put a Heart-Centered Life into Action.

Are you back?  Okay, let’s dig in and discover the four key areas of self-care you must love on as a heart-centered woman.

Spiritual Health Self-Care

In order to live out a heart-centered life, spiritual health is a priority in your self-care routine.  Intentionally spend time in prayer and meditation on a daily basis.  Be still.  Listen.  As you become further aware of the higher power that guides, you will find yourself on a journey wherein you experience an even further awakening.   One where you acknowledge that you are a spiritual being of love, and you realize that you are connected to all people thru this spirituality.    You were not meant to live alone, you were designed by God to live in a community, both physically and spiritually.  Even as the sole survivor on a deserted island, you can connect to the divine energy that dwells within you.  Once you do this, you just can’t help but live a happy and heart-centered life.

I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist

Emotional Health Self-Care

A healthy balance in your life plays a major role in your emotional well being.  It is far too easy to neglect yourself while trying to serve others, using excuses like, ‘there isn’t enough time’ or ‘after I _______'(fill in the blank with whatever you put first in your own life), but guess what?  The age-old saying ‘you can’t give from an empty cup is as true today as it was centuries ago.

My dear girlfriend, you MUST spend time on you!!  Emotions are powerful, if you are not worth even a few minutes of your day, what does this say to the people in your life?  What are you teaching your children about being kind to themselves?  How are you handling your emotions and expressing your feelings to others?  Does your life exhibit balance and contentment to everyone around you?

Over the next week, implement my seven simple self-love practices that won’t cost you a penny.  Your emotional health also requires a balance between work and play.  The hours spent at work and at play vary at different times in your life, which is why it’s important to carve out small chunks of time now and create habits that focus on activities you value the most.  Incorporate a regular self-care routine that helps set limits and boundaries before you reach emotional overload.  Start small and build from there, even a few minutes a day will go a long way in boosting and maintaining your overall emotional health.

Start by grabbing a checklist with 16 ways to take care of yourself today!

To live a heart-centered life, you must prioritize your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being. Click the image to grab your free self-care checklist. Lisa xo

Mental Health Self-Care

Your mental health influences how you act, and carry yourself in daily circumstances.  Take care of your mental health so you can deal with difficulties, overcome obstacles and manage stress better. Try to become aware of your emotions, whether positive or negative.  When you are aware of your emotions, you can take steps to react appropriately in situations and even learn how to change your behaviour.  However, even people who have good strategies in place to manage stress and emotions can still have a mental health issue.  If you or a loved one feel overwhelmed with sadness, confusion, fear or unable to cope, please talk to a loved one or your doctor.  There are counsellors, groups and other forms of help available to help.


Meditation has been of huge benefit to me when it comes to mental health self-care.  Meditation increases awareness of your mental state and of the world around you.  Meditation lowers anxiety and stress levels by observing a time of quiet, stillness, and reflection.  Meditation is basically the mental concentration on something and a state of profound peace when your mind is quiet yet totally alert.  It is often thought of as an Eastern religion teaching that is contrary to Christianity.  But meditation is a tradition rooted in the teachings of Jesus.  There are many times in the Bible when Jesus sought solitude to pray, even for long periods of time.

When we partake in deep prayer, we awaken ourselves to a community and to a power that lies beyond our ordinary understanding.  In turn, we experience a freedom from guilt, we stop striving to make something happen,  and travel deeper into the unified consciousness of Jesus, into the wonder of our own creation.  This acceptance, knowledge, and peace provide comfort even in the most difficult trials.   Breethe, Simple Habit, and Calm are three mediation apps I tried, download a free meditation app onto your phone or tablet and get started.

I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist


When you take care of your mental health, it is easier to allow love to be at the centre of all that you do for yourself and for others.   You develop a stronger desire to connect with others and love them well. You want only good for those around you and make an effort to help them find true meaning in their own life.  This does not mean only ‘good’ things happen but rather that thru a faith in a higher power, you can maintain a firm belief that life is as it should be.  I would not say that having parents battle the evil that is ‘cancer’ is necessarily good or that it made me happy.   I can say that throughout their illness and even in their deaths, I found a strength bigger than myself which enabled me to share my faith and joy with them, bringing happiness even in their final hours.  For this, I am thankful.

Physical Health Self-Care

Your body is the temporary dwelling place for your soul.  Yet taking good care of it is easier said than done sometimes, right?  Or it is just me?  Physical self-care is one area that I have struggled with.  You might think someone with three autoimmune diseases, like me, would always make physical exercise a top priority.  Indeed I value my physical well-being, but there are days I am totally exhausted, days I am in a great deal of pain, and other days I simply need extra rest.

Click to read this post to find out the four key areas vital to self-care for a heart-centered woman. Give priority to your mental health, if you or a loved one are feeling overwhelmed with sadness, confusion or unable to cope with daily life, please talk to a friend, loved one or your doctor. Your feelings are valid. Lisa xo

As I become more and more in tune with my inner spirit, I hear that small voice in the stillness say, ‘it’s okay.’   I let go of the guilt and allow love for myself to reign.  I am learning to adapt to what my body tells me; some days I am good to go and there is nothing better than a run on the trails, other days I am able to do a vigorous yoga routine, while other mornings I google yoga and stretches that restore or heal a specific body part.  And it is all okay, rest is also a form of physical self-care.  And hey, variety is the spice of life anyways!!

I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist

Be okay with where you are at but strive to improve your physical health.  Always be open to learning something new, whether it is in regards to nutrition or exercise.  Research physical activity and nutrition then adapt what you learn to follow your own unique path to physical wellness, listening to that inner voice as it whispers.  Heck, sometimes it’s even shouting!   Check out the benefits of stretching and learn a few easy stretches in this previous post >> “Stretching for Your Body, Mind, and Soul.”

***Always consult your physician before starting any major physical activity or making drastic changes to your diet.***

So there you have it,  the four key areas vital to the self-care of a heart-centered woman.  Share an area of self-care that is vital to you in the comments!

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I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist

I am excited to share four key areas of self-care that are vital to you as a heart-centered woman. Click to read part three in the series "What it Means to Live a Heart-Centered Life." Can't wait to meet you there! Lisa xo #heartliving #selfcare #mindful #meditation #physicalhealth #mentalhealth #emotional #inspirewellness #healthyliving #freechecklist


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70 responses to “4 Key Areas Vital to Self-Care in Heart-Centered Women

  1. Self-care is such a major part of staying healthy, but I think most of us, including myself, don’t take the time to do the steps and tips you outlined here for ourselves. But I definitely agree with what you said, we should all be open to learning something new and strive to better our health!

  2. These are really great tips. I do really need to work on my mental health. Been stressed lately as a result of being overworked. You’re right about people thinking more of it as an Eastern belief. I think that is because of the method. Some say silence your subconscious, some say completely shut down and don’t think of anything. But as Christians, we meditate on the Word of God. A really nice post here.

  3. Self-care is so important! Love this series! For me, yoga satisfies my spiritual and physical health self-care checkboxes. When I actively go to yoga, I am a better me. Speaking of which – I haven’t been going… I think I will use your post as the motivation to get there!

  4. all of these points are so important! i think as more and more of us start to openly talk about the necessity of self care, particularly guarding our mental health, helps everyone feels less selfish or guilty or even of those stigmas attached to “me time.”

  5. Nancy

    Great post! As a self-care advocate I feel it is often underestimated. Especially the Spiritual part. When we spend time with God he gives wisdom and strength to tackle life with ease and grace.Balance in all four areas is key.

  6. Hi Lisa, I love this so much! It’s so important to care for ourselves, but, we often only do it as an afterthought. I’ve been fortunate enough to take the last year and focus on myself. t helped me to re-prioritize and make some healthy lifestyle changes. I also love the mid-post reminder that “You’re feelings are valid.” We all need to hear that now and again. And, you know I’m a big believer in meditation! I always enjoy reading your motivational posts. Thanks, Melissa

  7. I love this! People usually focus on just one area and tend to let the others slip away. I find myself taking time each day to focus on all 4 areas. Sometimes you can’t have a breakthrough in one of these areas if you aren’t also working on the others. Thanks for sharing this great post!

  8. I’ve always been so focused on physical self care that I’ve neglected the three other areas. It’s so easy to forget how important it is to do a well rounded self care routine.

  9. I didn’t even think to think of these as four distinct areas. That would probably ensure I cared for each of those categories equally

  10. This was so needed!! I sometimes forget how important it is to be in prayer daily!! I desire to, but I get so caught up in my own daily thoughts and routines, and I forget to. I truly want to do focus more on my spiritual health. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Such an important message. I especially love the direction to Intentionally spend time in prayer and meditation on a daily basis. Be still. Listen. This is been so important in my journey. I’ve also added writing down what comes up from the heart in those times. Thank you for sharing.

  12. One of the best things we’ve done in the last 3 years is getting a dog who needs long walks… which means I get long walks. Long walks take me away from the computer, phone, noisy house, and my to-do list. It allows me to connect with my neighbors, meet other dog people and enjoy nature. During my morning walk, I listen to a variety of podcasts about Christ, women’s strength, and sometimes humorous radio shows. I think these long walks are the best thing I’ve ever done for mental health.

  13. Such a great advice how to take care of ourselves. As most of us remember about mental and physical health, we often forget about our emotional and spiritual health – I’m one of those people too. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  14. I still have a long way to go in perfectly practicing my spiritual and mental health self-care. But thank you for this informational post – it’s a great help!

  15. Gosh girl you are so full of wisdom. You have such a soft and sweet approach to your writing and connection with people. It’s encouraging to see another Blogger strong in her faith and useing it as an asset to bring clarity and healing. Great job.

  16. I love this idea of carving out time for self-care! And, making spiritual health a priority in your self-care routine is key. After starting a business and a blog, I always feel pressed for time. This is a good reminder that I need to make it a priority…especially meditation! Melissa

  17. This is very important topic that we women often ignore and neglect as we get occupied with other so called important things in life. Self care at all the mentioned areas should be the first priority for any girl or women to live a happy, satiated and peaceful life. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I’ve been working on all those areas of my life. This is so important!
    Self care is waaaay more than putting on a face mask and drinking wine on sundays. I love how clear you made that.

  19. Your way of articulating the types of self care is so clear and useful – I’d never thought of categorising it like that.
    I’m guilty of neglecting physical self care over any other type, but I forget that exercise is good for the mind too. I’ll nail it one day!
    Thanks for posting.

  20. I love how you highlighted different areas of self care. Most people think it’s just about taking a bubble bath or treating yourself to lunch, but it’s much deeper. Last year I focused a lot on emotional self care but seeing a therapist and journaling to honor my emotions/feelings. It was definitely life changing!

  21. This was very encouraging for me to read. I have been having a hard time fitting in self care since I became a SAHM. I especially needed to read that my feelings are valid. Thank you.

  22. Self-care is such a significant part of our very being. As women, we wear so many hats and self-care must be a priority. How can I take care of my family, home, and children if I do not take care of me? It’s okay to put yourself first. Thanks for such a thoughtful blog post!

  23. Ariel

    I love that self-care is becoming a new tagline for so many people to publicize our need to take care of ourselves. Thanks for using your platform to spread positivity.

  24. These are some great tips! I have really been struggling with making some decisions about whether or not to do something I need to do doe myself because they will limit my time and and ability to do for others. But it is so true that if we are empty and not properly cared for we are of no use to others.

  25. So important and we women don’t do this enough! Taking care of us is how we can best take care of those we love. Thanks for the soothing reminders!

  26. How important is to keep these 4 parts of ourselves working together and in harmony. We can feel when one of them is not working (in a way to say) properly, because all of them are connected. Thanks for this post!

  27. This is such a good reminder about finding balance and happiness. If we focused only in once of these areas we’d still feel like something was lacking but by keeping track of self care in all of these important ways is so good. I need to focus on more spiritual time. I’ve been dedicating time at night and it;s been really good for me. Thank you Lisa for this thoughtful post!

  28. I’ve never thought about there being separate areas for self care but this makes so much sense. And I love that saying that your feelings are valid – I say that all of the time! And it really helps to work through whatever I’m feeling or someone else is when we come at it from that place.

  29. Carving out time for prayer always seems easier said than done, but I know that its always worth it when I do. Great reminders in such a busy and loud world. Thanks!

  30. Such a wonderful & thought out post. Self-care is so important for women especially because we always have so much on our plates. I love the part when you mentioned if you can’t spend a few minutes on yourself, what will the other people in your life think. I always say that if you can’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to fully take care of others. Happy Thanksgiving!
    -Madi xo

  31. Ra'Nesha Wilson

    I often work myself beyond measure and lack on self care mind, body, and soul balance is so important! Thank you so much for reminding I need to reflect and change somethings.

  32. I have forgotten to take care of myself when I became a mom.. I know that is not right but sometimes when you are too busy caring for others, you take yourself for granted.. Thanks for sharing this post. This is an eye-opener.. 🙂

  33. Anna

    I agree with your article. Physical care is as important as mental and emotional ones. I find it hard to strike a balance but I am trying too. enjoyed reading your post and look forward to next one.

  34. Thank you Lisa for all you do. You’re impacting lives positively and sharing practical life strategies to lead a happy and healthy life. I particularly enjoyed reading your “About me” page. I has really inspired me. My day is beautiful already starting with your beautiful piece.

  35. You know, I used to never pay much attention to self care in the physical realm, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized what a good without routine can do for my life!

  36. Oh this is filled with so many tips! I love the part about being ok with where you are for your physical health – yes! Love yourself now! Love yourself by taking care of yourself. Great post.

  37. Great post empowering people to take care of our self needs. A healthy body means more opportunities for us to function better and succeed in each og pur craft in life. Thanks for sharing

  38. This was a great 4 piece segment filled with many great tips. I am so glad you have shared your wisdom gained from your journey with your parents. Self care is important and tends to leave our radar when a loved ones health is our focus.

  39. I love that you mentioned being okay with where you are especially in regards to physical health. – I suffered an ankle injury back in March and am still struggling to get back into an effective exercise routine. I’ve got to slow down and realize it will come in time.

  40. I really appreciated this post. Self-care is a buzzy phrase lately on the internet, yet it often appears as just throwing on a sheet mask and writing down three things you’re grateful for at the end of the day. Your post dove right into the core of what self-care actually means.

  41. Self-Care is so important and is something I make time for everyday. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my mental health and well-being since fosucing on self-care 💗

  42. I definitely need to work on this and I am going to try to implement some of your tips (plus try to remember to come download the file when I have a chance to get on my computer)

  43. You make some great points, Lisa, and I agree that sometimes the best self-care we can give ourselves is permission to take a break from physical activity/workouts. Sometimes I push myself when I shouldn’t, and am trying to be more self aware.

  44. This is very good information and most of us need to be reminded of this. We always tend to look after others, after things and the last thing that gets our attentions is ourselves. And yet that ‘self’ needs to be healthy to do all these things for others. Great read.

  45. Hey Lisa!

    I love this post. Often times we know what self-care is but we need to take the time to think about what it means for us specifically for where we are in our journeys. I understand what you mean about physical self-care. It’s a struggle for me too. I’ve been focusing on doing yoga as a part of my self-care routine.

    Thanks again for this post!

    xo Joi | https://joi-knows-how.com

  46. I was just contemplating to file a short leave of absence at work since I’ve been pretty spent lately, especially my mental well-being. Thanks for this.

    • Please take care of yourself Elisha, don’t wait until you can’t handle it all, takes so much longer to recoup. If you can take a short leave, then do it for you!

  47. Definitely, great tips to take care of ourselves. I would add that self-care spiritually is more than just acknowledging a higher power. It is important to know the creator of your body, mind, and spirit. When you know the Creator, you can read the instruction manual (Bible) to get the best self=care tips possible.

  48. Like you, I have an autoimmune disorder that leaves me in great pain many times of the years. It’s unexpected and can put me out for days and weeks at a time. I agree, though, that finding time to be physically active is so important, and I have made it a great priority, but recognize that there are times that it’s just not possible.

  49. Thank You for that you forward that beautiful post! I’m in a whirlwind season beginning this week and these ideas could help me be a lot healthier through it all. Grabbing your free list as well 😊

  50. I’m keen on meditation to help give my spirituality a boost. When I tried it previously, it was not a success. My busy mind kept straying. I have all your posts in this series and I intend to work through all of them Thanks for sharing.

  51. If you don’t take the time for all 4, you will not get the full benefit. It seems they are all connected and should show us that it is important to take care of ourselves!

  52. I totally agree that rest is as well really important part. Sometimes I just wanted to give 110% of myself and do so many activites, sports, that I will feel fulfilled, and didnt let my body to rest afterwards..but now I see that it is also a vital part of being in balance with physical and mental health!