3 Easy Designer Gallery Walls

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3 Easy Designer Gallery Walls
  1. The Click Rail Hanging System Art Gallery.

Changing up quotes, pictures, and artwork comes with the territory when you are obsessed with home decorating and creating like I am.  The sleek design and minimalistic style drew us to the picture hanging system from AS Hanging Display Systems.  With seven color choices for the track, a choice of wire or nylon cord to hang the artwork, and hooks to suit large or small frames, the Click Rail System suits most residential applications.  The track is super easy to install and gives you the option to easily swap out your display without damaging the walls with extra holes. 

Create a Stunning Gallery Wall with Ease

Check out their WEBSITE for detailed measurement guides and installation instructions. There is a short video clip on YouTube, you can watch it HERE. The company offers a starter kit, and because I want to make things simpler for you; here are a few extra items I suggest you consider when placing an order.  

In addition to the items in the starter kit, I highly recommend the frame stabilizers and the bumpers which both ensure your pics hang flush and straight. The end result is a finished gallery wall that is more pleasing to the eye and therefore designer worthy.  

You may also want to consider ordering a few extra hooks and wires for when your collection expands to avoid paying two shipping fees.  Once you get started, you are going to want to add to your collection! I have to order more hooks, bumpers, and stabilizers to finish up my gallery wall as the frames seem to be multiplying.  Is that what happens when you leave two frames so close together…..or when you love to create free printables to give away?

My gallery is an arrangement of signs I paint, craft, and print. Many of the quotes are printables that I send to my subscribers. Since I print the freebies first to check for quality before sending them out, I display them for a while to enjoy them. I also framed a couple beautiful postcards and even have one store print on display that I haven’t covered up with a personal creation yet. The store bought quote won’t be there long as I have free printable ideas in the works.

What, you haven’t gotten your free printables from me yet? Sign up to my email list  HERE and your first printable will be on its way directly to your inbox.

2) The All in One Done For You Gallery.

Print your own signs using my free printables, other freebie quotes you can find in my FREE PRINTABLES ON PINTEREST, or hang your own family photos in this elegant set of square photo frames. This set includes nine 12 x 12 frames which all have a white 8×8 mat; giving you a designer finish without the designer cost.  This set even comes with two different sets of art prints,  you can view both print designs in the pictures below.  You will also receive an easy to hang wall template with different layout options and the hardware required to hang your gallery.

  Gallery Perfect Square Photo Frame Set.

Gallery Wall

Before you purchase the gallery set, be sure to sign up for Amazon Prime free shipping!



 Ready-made graphic art collections make great starting points. Choose one that suits your decor theme and then expand the collection at a later date.

Here are three other quick start art gallery options 4 You.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

The Dark Diva Collection

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Light and Fun Inspirational Collection

Gallery Wall Inspiration

The Natural Collage

Gallery Wall Inspiration

3) The Individual Style Gallery.

Are you craving an art gallery wall that is completely tailored to your personal decor style? If so, then check out these quality, individual frames that are available in four finishes. With these beauties from Crate & Barrell and the templates below, you are on your way to designing your perfect gallery wall.

3)Brushed Brass 3 -4×6 Frame

Brushed Gunmetal 5 X 7 Frame

Gallery Wall

Brushed Antique Bronze 8 x 10 Frame

Gallery Wall

Brushed Silver 11 x 14 FrameGallery Wall

Here is a link with templates and layouts to hang your very own gallery wall.  Six layouts for your gallery wall from the Pottery Barn

Have fun and hey, send me a picture of your gallery wall, I would love to see it!

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3 Easy Designer Gallery Walls
3 Easy Designer Gallery Walls


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66 responses to “3 Easy Designer Gallery Walls

  1. We had a gallery wall heading up our stairs, but took it down to repaint. I do miss the photos, but I didn’t like having all different frames. I think I’ll look into some of these ideas for a solution.

  2. I love gallery walls! And these are really beautiful! I also like to incorporate lots of different items into them. I find it helps bring unusual items into a more cohesive space. I actually have a pitchfork on my wall, (one of my must talked about decor items amongst my girl friends!) and because of the diverse items around it, it works!

  3. Love this article. I love gallery walls and I always cringed when living away from home as you don’t want to damage the walls you’re renting by making holes here and there. Loved the tips and the layouts and how you make it easier to “shop” as you’ve already done the work for us. Thank you for sharing, these are definitely tips that I’ll take when setting up my gallery wall!

  4. These look great, Lisa! I know I need some sort of organization and inspiration to my pictures already on the wall as well as a few pieces of artwork from IG friends. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love gallery walls! I have never heard of the click rail system, I am going to have to check it out. How wonderful that you offer printables 🙂

  6. I have a space in my den that is crying out for a gallery wall. Since it is kind of a combination family room/play room, I want to display our family photos. I love all of these options, you really have my wheels churning. It is now time to figure out which photos I want to use and make it happen!

  7. I love your blog! I am currently working on my designing my new condo so this is so useful! I like the 9 frame set up but also the diva. It is so fun to decorate I wish I was a natural like you 🙂 Thanks! xoKitty

  8. I always love these when I see them at other people’s houses, but I was never sure how they knew exactly how to make them look so perfectly messy like that! I’m definitely pinning this for when I have my own place someday and want to do this

  9. We are “rehanging” a gallery wall of mirrors once our home is repainted so this will come in handy. I am also considering doing a wall of pictures. However, I am also leary of putting new holes in the walls…

  10. I never thought about “pre-made” gallery walls! What a neat concept! I’m currently working on my own gallery wall and it’s taking forever to get it juuuust right. Lol

    • Hi Brea, enjoy what you have done and don’t sweat it. Mine will never be done as I change it when I make a free printable for my siscribers. I take a picture of it framed and hanging up and include it in an email so they can see the finished product.

  11. I love the range of options here! Having a few resources makes the process of designing a gallery wall much less overwhelming.

  12. Yayra

    I love your design ideas Lisa. Ibam doibg a few make overs for my home and I am incorporating some into my designs. Thank you

  13. These are fantastic ideas. I am the worst at getting things up on the walls. haha Maybe this will help now that I have some guidance.

    • I am sure you are not the worst decorator, come back for more tips and ideas and soon you will have a home that looks like you hired an interior decorator!

  14. I love how elegant and simple these are. I had a gallery wall once that I spent ages on and kept readjusting. These look like far less stressful, equally satisfying versions.

  15. How did you know!?! I literally just bought 4 pictures for a gallery wall in my son’s room this afternoon. Do you know if the first option is good for plaster? It sounds like the best way to go for someone like me who likes to switch things up.

    • Hi Kristen, we hung ours on drywall, there are a number of places where it attaches to the wall (all of which are hidden behind the track) so it was easy to ensure a few of the screws went into the 2×4’s for added stability.

    • It sure is a lot of fun. And being obsessed with decorating, I can easily swap out the quote and prints to suit my color of the season.

  16. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I see so many other appealing options. At least it isn’t totally “back to the drawing board!”

  17. I really love the all in one style. I have yet to put up pictures on our walls since we’ve moved but this was a good inspiration. Thank you for sharing this <3