22 traits to improve your life. Allow love to be at the center of all that you do, always rely on a higher guiding power and be the light in this world. Lisa xo #heart-centered #mindful #balanced #love

22 Traits of a Happy, Heart-Centered Life

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This short post is delicately aimed right at your beautiful heart.  I know in my heart that you are just like me and want to live according to your true purpose, and be healed.  I believe when we get out of our own way and trust the spirit guide inside of us, we realize we are here to love others well.  You know what?  You matter, your story matters, and how it intersects with the story of others matters.  How you live and what you do plays an important role in the world.


Have you heard of six degrees of separation? “Six degrees of separation is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other” – Wikipedia.  In fact a 2007 study  done by Jure Leskovec and Eric Horvitz examined a data set of instant messages composed of 30 billion conversations among 240 million people. They found the average path length among Microsoft Messenger users to be 6.  Is that not incredible?  Before you hit send on an email or text, read it again and ask yourself how is the receiver of the message going to perceive it.  In all your thoughts and actions, take pause, be in the moment, and think of each interaction as a relationship to another Holy being.

In order to love others well, we must daily choose love.  Allow love to be at the center of all that you do, practice kindness and acceptance towards others and yourself.  Increase your awareness of, and rely on a higher power to guide you, forgive, and live from a place of gratitude, thus leading a happier life.

Daily affirmations can change your inner or ego thoughts and help you to switch from a negative to positive mindset.  One of my favorite daily affirmations is “Today I choose love, I am love, I share love.”  Give this a try the next time you realize you have a negative attitude towards another person, stop, surrender your resentment, forgive your thoughts, and ask for healing in this area. Then say (out loud if possible) “today I choose love, I am love, I share love.”  Set a reminder in your phone to repeat this affirmation six times that day and believe. The more you focus on accepting your thoughts, letting go of external preconceived ideas and allow your inner love to arise, the more you connect to the undeniable love that is us.

Here is an affirmation pin for you with my fave mantra.  May it help and heal.

Daily affirmations can change your inner or ego thoughts and assist your in switching from a negative to positive mindset.  One of my favorite daily affirmations is "Today I choose love, I am love, I share love." Click this image and read the post 22 Traits of a Happy, Heart-Centered Life. See you there my love, Lisa xo

The more you focus on accepting your thoughts, letting go of external preconceived ideas and allow your inner love to arise, the more you connect to the undeniable love that is us. LIsa xo Love cannot exist as a monologue, it is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue. -OSHO #love #youarelove #lheart-centered #heartcenter #mindfulliving #spiritualpractice

This quote from OSHO sums it up perfectly, “Love cannot exist as a monologue, it is a dialogue, a very harmonious dialogue.”

Below is a list of 22 traits that are found in a happy, heart-centered life.  There are oodles and oodles of other characteristics you can add to this list, why not share one of yours in the comments below!

22 Traits of a Happy, Heart-Centered Life.

    1. You love others.
    2. You love planet Earth.
    3. You forgive yourself and others.
    4. You accept your character flaws.
    5. You are empathetic.
    6. You believe people have good intentions.
    7. You listen before speaking.
    8. You tell the truth always.
    9. You care for your physical body.
    10. You know your impact in the world.
    11. You do the right thing, even when it’s hard.
    12. You have compassion for yourself and others.
    13. You admit your mistakes.
    14. You tend to your spiritual self.
    15. You believe everything is about love.
    16. You are committed to making a difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.
    17. You trust your inner wisdom, a higher power, the Universe, your -ing.
    18. You care for your mental & emotional health.
    19. You are mindful of your words, written and spoken.
    20. You aim to serve.
    21. You know that you are love.
    22. You are true to yourself.


22 traits to live a happier, heart-centered life. Allow love to be at the center of all that you do, always rely on a higher guiding power, and be the light in this world. Lisa xo. #happierlife #mindfulliving #simplify

As you focus on these characteristics in your daily life, you become more aware your true purpose.  When you live out your true purpose, you find gratitude every day in the small things, and in big ways.  The more you are thankful, the more peace and joy you have in your life, it’s an amazing cycle filled with so much love!   And YOU my friend, are the love in this world.

Don’t wait for someone else to do the right thing, or to be the good you want to see in the world; be thankful, forgive, follow your inner guide, and renew your faith today.  Don’t hide in the darkness my sweet soul sister, come into the light, because you know it is within you.  Shine bright, be the love and light, as you lead a happy, heart-centered life.  An authentic life is characterized by integrity and focussed on loving others well.  Love your story and share it with others to inspire them and know you are changing the shape of the world.  Remember that although your E.G.O (I love this acronym for  EGO – Edge God Out) will try to kybosh your efforts, there is good and it is always available to you.

Blessings and


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Here’s a Pin for your Pinterest Board!

22 traits to live a happier, heart-centered life. Allow love to be at the center of all that you do, always rely on a higher guiding power, and be the light in this world. Lisa xo. #happierlife #mindfulliving #simplify


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65 responses to “22 Traits of a Happy, Heart-Centered Life

  1. So good to remind ourselves of these. I think the majority of people want to live this way, but we often times get caught up in our own lives and forget what truly gives us a happy life.

  2. Tren

    I l ove this! As I’ve relocated I’ve been focusing a lot of mindfulness and gratitude. This has been a difficult adjustment for everyone.

  3. This was beautiful! It was great to see all these things written down. There are some that I need to work on but many more that I know to be true.

  4. I daily affirmations to help manage mindset and start my day off right! So, what you mentioned about how daily affirmations can change your inner or ego thoughts and help you to switch from a negative to positive mindset is spot on.

    This might be added to my favorite daily affirmations as well: “Today I choose love, I am love, I share love.”

  5. It’s full of uplifting words. I’m feeling empowered just by reading it. And another thing that i loved the most is that you mentioned about our planet earth.

  6. I definitely believe that speaking positivity into your life is very important if you want to be happy! I won’t wait for anyone else to do the right thing or make me happy! I’m in charge of my own happiness!

  7. Yes! Totally agree and thanks for writing because we are so bombarded with noise of different types each day that can get us off kilter. Your article is calming – pretty colors and pictures and reminds me to center back to me and shine bright, love & be light;-) 🙏

  8. For years I used to hate my body and was never happy as I could not lose weight due to hormonal imbalance. But all changed with self love, practicing affirmations, gratitude, forgive and let go past. Self love and your own acceptance is very important to heal. This is my personal experience. Lovely post. I thought I was reading my own recent journey of life.

  9. Elizabeth | Tiredmom Supermom

    I have a hard time forgiving myself, you know, mom guilt and all that but otherwise i have most of the checkmarks on your list!

  10. Clair

    This is such a great list to work towards!! Being content and happy with myself is something I am working on 🙂

  11. Tren

    This is great! Every now and then we need reminders to help us live a happy heart-centered life. It is so easy to get caught up in the midst of busy and chaotic life. Sometimes we have to use a few minutes (at least) a day to focus on us.

  12. This is such a great post! How we think really does become how we act. I also love how you bring to our attention the 6 degrees of separation. Everything we say or do has an impact on so many people and will be seen or heard by someone we are connected to at some point.

  13. It’s so difficult sometimes to keep all this in mind and still live by it. I have however found that raising my kids has helped me reaffirm all the love and ideas self worth if not for me for them. Thanks for the lovely read!

  14. If we are able to find positivity aroud ourself, we can find the real purpose of our life. This is a good article and love all your points especially no. 17. Believe in your inner wisdom, our inner voice is soul which we need to follow to find a real happiness. And yes I never assume the acronym of EGO. Keep sharing more insights!!!😀

  15. Numbers 7 and 16 are so important. People don’t always listen, really listen, to what others are saying, nor do they pick up on their nonverbal cues. It’s so important to be an open, attentive listener.

  16. Lexington Brewer

    I love the “shine bright” be the love and light. This world is full of amazing people who love helping others without gaining anything in return. Loved this post!

  17. Vonetta

    Great post! I love the idea of setting a reminder to remember to affirm yourself. I think this is so important. The things we tell ourselves matter more than anything anyone else can say to us.

  18. Ugh I needed this read. I think the new year made me want to cut toxicity out of my life and it’s made me bitter. I know I don’t have to let myself hurt for the sake of others but this mantra makes me want to practice making good on those six steps. Thank you for this read!

  19. First, thank you for sharing this affirmation! Today I chose love, I AM LOVE and I share love! I definitely need a reminder to practice positiv affirmations more often and ideally daily. Love number 17! XO Stay Positive!

  20. Love this list Lisa! This morning I got a reminder to me mindful of my words after a coworker said my tone was a little harsh. I have to remember to think about how my words and even tone will affect others!

  21. This is such a beautiful post!! I love all the traits especially where you need to forgive yourself and also others. Forgiving someone who has wronged us can be be extremely hard. But when you chose to forgive, you’re actually choosing to heal yourself which can be so peaceful!!

  22. As i read the post I couldn’t help but feel an immense feeling of love and acceptance. I will apply this mantra about love next time i feel like life is spinning out of control and also remember these traits for my own happiness.

  23. Forgiving others, even though they don’t deserve it, is the most courageous thing we can do for ourselves! That’s definitely my favourite of all the things you mentioned above but all of these are definitely needed for a happier and more fulfilled life!

  24. Loved it ❤️ Thank goodness I stumbled upon this. I love all these 22 traits and My most fav are #3 #4 #6 and #16. i am working on #18. With work and everything, Sometimes we forget our mental and emotional health. it’s okay to just take a break and enjoy life for once, it is so important for our wellbeing. Such an amazing uplifting post! Thanks!🙂💞

  25. These are great affirmations to live by every single day. I believe people don’t truly love themselves. I struggle with things every day. Its however a work in progress. each day will get better with time. Thank you for taking the time and reiterating this info.

  26. This is beautiful! I am working towards living my true purpose and trying to be patient and allow it to be one step at a time. This was inspiring and just the inspiration I needed.

  27. This was a really nice post. A friend once told me that we have two ears and one mouth and should listen twice as much as we speak. Number 7 reminded me of this.

  28. LamBam

    This is such a beautiful post and is a good remainder for us all . I love personal development and also purpose is so important in life .

  29. Thanks Lisa, for sharing this most meaningful list! #7, listen before speaking, strikes me, as I often see people who are so willing to talk but are less willing to listen. – they tend to interrupt the speaker with their own opinions! Active listening is so important as it shows that we respect the other person. It also helps us to better understand them, their perspectives and sentiments. Thus it forms the basis of the development of rapport, respect and possibly friendship.

  30. A great list to read from time to time to remember how to live more happily. I would “You love yourself” because I think that in order to love others sincerely and show your love you need to feel well about yourself. I would also add “You are grateful for what you have and happens to you”.

  31. Alyona

    Great post! Very motivating!;))) In this busy sometimes stressful life we keep forgetting how important is to take care of yourself, to love, cherish and forgive…
    I would also add to your list: Enjoy every moment, every little event in your life!

    • Thanks for connecting Anisa, I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Everyone has an amazing purpose to fulfill, together we make it happen!